Shankar: The Director Who Has Not Given A Single Flop In 25 Years!

5. Nayak (2001)

Mudhalvan (1999) directed by Shankar was the original film which was later remade into Nayak. Nayak tells the story of an honest journalist Shivaji Rao who interviews the Chief Minister of the state and exposes his scandal in one question live on television. The Chief Minister challenges him to become the chief minister for a day and then he will know the role and responsibilities of CM. And Shivajia accepts this offer and becomes a day’s CM.

6. Aparichit (2006)

Aparichit is the story of Ambi who is a consumer lawyer. Extremely idealistic. Everyone wants to follow the law but seeing corruption around him fills a lot of anger in him and he starts suffering from multiple personality disorder. He makes a list of corrupt people and starts correcting them by giving the punishments described in the Hindu religion book Garuda Purana.

7. Sivaji (2007)

Sivaji (2007) is the story of a software engineer named Sivaji who returns to India from the United States. He wants to make a hospital equipped with good facilities for the poor and a college for higher education, but a corrupt politician is not letting this happen. Now Shivaji faces him in his own way.

8. Robot (2010)

A scientist creates an Android robot with a look similar to his, but the robot develops emotions and the power to understand human beings. The robot fells in love with the love interest of the scientist.

9. I (2015)

I is the story of a bodybuilder Lingesan who becomes a top model, but then his body starts becoming deformed and he becomes hunchy. He is forced to live a lonely life away from his girlfriend and people, but when he comes to know that his enemies are responsible for his deformed state who injected him with a virus. Now it’s his time to take revenge.

10. (Robot) 2.0 (2018)

This film turned out to be a super hit. This is the further story of the android robot. Now the doctor and his robot squares off against an mad doctor Richard.

Among the directed films of S.Shankar, only ‘Boys’ has been a Tamil film which has not been released in Hindi. Another movie was ‘Nanban’ which was a Tamil remake of ‘3 Idiots’.

None of his films have been flopped which is a record. The producers of his films never suffered a loss. Shankar also has been the most earning director of the country (including Bollywood). Ten years ago, he used to take so many millions of directors to direct a film, not even SRK or Salman Khan that could ask for at that time.

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