Some Interesting And Fascinating Facts About Japan That Everyone Should Be Aware Of

6. In Japan the girls purposely visit the dentist to have crooked teeth because such kind of teeth are considered to be attractive. Weird but true!

7. Everyone knows how unlucky we Indians consider the black cats and if they cross our path we literally change our path. But in Japan it’s quite opposite because they actually consider black cats as their lucky charm.

8. There is an island in Japan called Okunoshima where only rabbits live because during the WW-II they were brought there to test the effects of the poisonous gas.

9. A Japanese man named Masabumi Hosono was the only survivor of Titanic from Japan and that is why is was called the coward man for not ending up with other people on board. Strange.Very Strange.

10. Did you know that the peace treaty of World War-II is still pending between Russia and Japan due to some dispute over Kuril Islands.

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