Some Lesser Known Businesses Of Mukesh Ambani

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. Mukesh Ambani is the richest of all in Asia with a net worth of $42 billion and even his family comes under the list of Asia’s 50 Richest Families according to Forbes. Reliance Industries has reached a new level of milestone and its business is expanding minute by minute. But do you really think that you are aware of all his businesses? If no, then tag along and know about it with us.

So here is a list of Mukesh Ambani’s lesser known businesses!

1. Petrochemicals

Mukesh Ambani businesses

Reliance Petrochemicals is the largest producer of Polyesters, Elastomers, Textiles, Polymers and Chemicals in the world. It is the biggest contributor to RIL’s revenues and in earlier June it commissioned the crystallisation train 3 at its Jamnagar complex which doubled the company’s PX processing capacity.

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2. Petroleum

Mukesh Ambani businesses

Reliance Petroleum Ltd is also India’s largest company under private undertaking and recently it has amalgamated its business with RPL and which increased the business. It has the largest oil refinery at Jamnagar and processes 12,40,000 barrels per day.

3. Blood Bank

Mukesh Ambani businesses

Reliance industries also provide blood bank services since the year 2002. It is licensed by the FDA(Food and Drug Administration) and provides excellent service whenever needed.

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