SPN Guide: Introduction To Angels In Supernatural

Today we will be looking at the Angels of Supernatural: An Illustrated SPN Guide. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

What’s that? You think you know something about SPN angels? You’ve never seen Supernatural?

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He’s an ancient, mass-murdering Biblical personage wearing the skin of a middle-aged man in a trench coat.

She just wanted to do her own thing.  But sadly, the universe doesn’t work that way, and no one would leave her alone.  

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This guy, Zachariah will make you lose your faith in the Angels. Like, will make you love demons more than the heavenly creatures. His hobbies include causing apocalyptic events to get time off work and yelling at people.


A smartass angel who serves no one except himself. The angel that we liked, but died due to his affiliation with the Winchester brothers. He’s the vodka aunt of the angels yet he manages to make it like an endearing quality to have.

Typical angel DOUCHHEE who killed the attractive crying man!

As far as angels go, when you compare Hannah with them, she is actually pretty cool. Hannah is super beautiful and kind. She avoids unnecessary violence and massacre of humans, which is always a plus.

Complete cinnamon roll.  He is the one angel who has done literally nothing wrong. Like, literally. Ever.

This is Naomi. Her professional skills include severe psychological torture and interfering with people’s relationships.

He was originally nice, but later in the SPN series, he turned out to be a douche.

He’s one of heaven’s most powerful archangels.  As you can see, he takes this responsibility very seriously.

He’s what you might call a “problematic fave. For one thing, the devil has some weird ways of displaying his affection. And maybe not the best relationship with his family members. SPN Guide: Introduction To Angels In Supernatural


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