Stranger Things Season 2: Biggest Mistakes You Didn’t Notice!

It’s not easy for TV shows to follow up amazing first seasons and Stranger Things had an amazing first season. Luckily for fans season 2 more than lived up to it. Some fans even say they enjoyed it more than the first. As good as it was though nothing is perfect. So today we’re gonna take a look at mistakes you didn’t notice in Stranger Things season 2. It’s gonna get a bit picky, also it should be obvious, but spoiler alert! If you haven’t seen season of Stranger Things, add this to your watch later playlist. And don’t forge to like our page Humor Nation.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Biggest Mistakes You Didn’t Notice In Stranger Things Season 2!

1. The Chicken

Stranger Things Season 2: Biggest Mistakes You Didn't Notice!

In the first episode of the season 2, we were presented with some pretty in your face product placement for KFC. It was so blatant, it was like oh okay we’re doing this this is.. this is real okay commercial break. I guess well as it turns out the product placement wasn’t even accurate to the year. The show took place in the 80’s, but before the year 1991 KFC was known as Kentucky Fried Chicken. So Steve being like I loved KFC, didn’t really make sense unless he was way before his time in terms of Fried Chicken.

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2. The Periodic Table And The Poster

Here’s another case of things being shown in the show that didn’t exist at the time. It seems like Mr. Clark has a couple of posters from the future set up in his classroom. First of all he has a periodic table here that includes a whole bunch of elements that hadn’t been discovered in 1984. It also looks like this is a photo of the Challenger Space Shuttle, you know the photo of it right before it exploded in 1986.

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