Stranger Things Season 3: Theories And What We Need To Know!

Stranger things season 2 is out and we have binged it already. What season 3 is gonna be about, before we put that quarter into the slot make sure you have liked our Facebook page Humor Nation for more on your favorite TV shows and movies. Now let’s get into some stranger things season 3 theories.

So Let’s Take A Look At Some Interesting Theories About Stranger Things Season 3

Stranger Things Season 3: Theories And What We Need To Know!

Everything from the upside down seems to be under a hive mind. From the vines to the portal to the demogorgon on at any level of their development from slug to demo dog, but the demogorgon seem to be able to be influenced or even trained. D’Artagnan seems to be able to resist following orders to kill the party whether that’s for his love of nougat or it was just Dustin’s boyish charm. It seems the demogorgonn are not totally mindless species and there may be further exploration into this in season 3, either by the party or by a government agency that doesn’t prescribe to Hopper’s good-old-boy backroom deals.

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The Egg

If you know D&D the shadow monster seems less like a mind flayer than it does to another creature called the Aboleth. The Aboleth are a floating tentacle monster that exists in a realm called the Underdark. It uses mind control to turn its victims and the slaves, secretes a substance that it needs to breathe and has powerful psionic abilities, sound familiar?

The Aboleths are an ancient life-form viewing those that exist in other realms as upstart races who stole what was rightfully theirs. They are asexual and reproduced by egg, if the demogorgon didn’t reproduce by tentacle implantation then that might mean the egg the demogorgon is eating in the beginning of season 1 as well as the egg that hopper and Joyce find at the end of season 1 are actually shadow monsters not demogorgon. So maybe we’ll see more than one shadow monster hatching from an egg in season 3.

The Zerg

All living organisms develop defense mechanisms. The vines and the demogorgons seem to be powered by the upside down or to the mind flayer through the portal itself. So when this portal is closed, everything that had a connection through that portal dies. In the first season there were multiple smaller portals to the upside down. Did those portals close in this season or did that big of a life force from the upside down just require a large connection to stay alive?

There’s potentially two answers to this question; one is the sudden removal of the connection to the upside down and the control of the mind flayer brought about a mass shutdown of the connected hive creatures. Or two the specific portal where the creature came through is where their power comes from, you shut that portal down and they die. Either way the portals seem to be a way of controlling the influx of baddies from the Shadow Realm and this might be a cool narrative to get into for season 3.

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A Good Atmopshere

My questions during Eleven and Hoppers final assault on the portal were numerous. What were the vines actually for? Was the shadow monster stuck inside of will and that’s why it didn’t try to get through the portal sooner? Whose bones were in the graveyard? It’s obvious that the noxious atmosphere of the upside down is what’s being pumped into the caves that the vines created. Which means that the shadow monster probably is trying to create an environment to move into our realm. This might be the storyline for season the shadow monster wants to make a nice comfy home.

Bad Mutants

If Dr. brenner is actually still alive, he may have access to other MKULTRA children. Up to now we’ve seen only two, but if Dr. Brenner has another facility there may be more members of Elevens extended family out there. And if they’re loyal to Dr. Brenner’s cause and actually joined the fight to recapture Eleven, next season’s storyline might be closer X-Men than to Goonies. With all the criticism that episode 7 and Kali’s group received, this would be an interesting narrative choice for the writers to pursue, but I mean I’m kind of interested.

Attacking The Darkness

The last shot of the shadow monster above the school seems to indicate that this guy is not going to stop trying to get into our world. The group has found that fire is a viable weapon against the denizens of the upside down and maybe the best defense is a good offense. One possible storyline for season is that the party goes to kill the creatures that are attacking them with some flamethrowers, and Eleven and maybe some of her new mutants family members.

Curing The Mom

Eleven couldn’t cure her mother on her own so maybe Kali comes to find her and together they go into her mom’s brain and fix whatever seems to be looping. Then they go after it be very much alive Dr. Brenner and the other children of MKULTRA.

Love Affairs

First off in the love projections, I think it’s safe to say that Max and Lucas are gonna have a hard time with Max’s abusive family members next season. There was no redeeming quality to Billy Max’s older brother and doesn’t help the fact that he has no idea that the group was dealing with interdimensional demons and that he’s racist.

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Now Jonathan and Nancy are a thing, Steve is gonna be left out. The love triangle might result in a bit more tension unless Steve decides not to take that job with his family’s company and go off to college. And know what might be sad to think about but next season we might lose Steve Harrington, with Bob’s death Joyce might be out of the dating game for a while, but the way that Hopper looks at Joyce it seems like he wishes they were more than friends. My guess is Joyce and hopper are together by the end of season 3.

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