Supernatural Characters Who Died And Never Came Back

Welcome to Humor Nation. Death isn’t permanent when it comes to Supernatural, mostly everyone who dies in the world of Supernatural always finds a way to return. But not every dead character on the show is lucky. The main characters Dean, Sam, and Castiel have died several times and have returned through various means. Other major characters on the show have also made an appearance via various means such as in the form of a ghost, resurrected from the dead, or being replaced by their parallel universe version. Today we are counting down the characters who have never returned, not as a ghostly entity or their parallel universe version.

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So Let’s Take A Look At Supernatural Characters Who Died And Never Came Back!


Supernatural Characters Who Died And Never Came Back

Mark Sheppard’s Crowley started a minor character in Supernatural, but it soon became one of the central members, allied himself with the Winchesters. Crowley sacrificed himself in the Season 12 finale in order to lock away Lucifer in the apocalyptic world. Crowley’s death was heartbreaking, but the fans were comforted by the thought that he’ll eventually return. This is the perfect time for him to make a comeback.

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The character of Ruby has been played by two different actresses. Ruby was Sam’s love interest during season 3-4. Ultimately it was revealed that she was manipulating Sam Winchester in order to free Lucifer. Genevieve Padalecki who played Ruby appeared in the episode ‘The French Mistake’ of season 6 as Jared Padalecki’s real-life partner.


Supernatural Characters Who Died And Never Came Back

Even though the archangels on Supernatural have a really good resurrection rate with the exception of Raphael. We saw Gabriel making several returns. Lucifer has been resurrected plenty of times and we saw two versions of archangel Michael. Since his death in season 6, Raphael’s character remained true to his demise.

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