Supernatural S13: Two Big Returns Planned Before The Season Finale

Supernatural’s crossover episode ‘Scoobynatural’ has been the highlight of the season. The show received rave reviews from the critics and the audiences, some are even calling it the best episode of the season so far. The crossover episode also received the highest ratings since the premiere of Supernatural Season 13.

So after getting the Scooby Doo and the Gang to be the guest stars on the show, who else may the makers of Supernatural get the chance to appear on the show before the season 13 reaches its conclusion? A lot of passionate fans of the show fans are asking for the past characters to return and with the concept of alternate universe being introduced, it shouldn’t be a problem. It’s possible to bring back just any character from the dead, to have them appear on the show. But the only question is that whether those stars are willing to return back on the show and are available currently.

Supernatural S13: Two Big Returns Planned Before The Season Finale

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So what does our favorite TV show has in store for fans? Maybe some big surprise under their sleeves. So when TVLine asked official maker Andrew Dabb, who guaranteed two exceptionally astonishing returns, and official maker Robert Singer, who said there’ll be an alternate universe adaptation of a character. He said:

The end of this season is about getting back the entire group together. scheduling and Booking has been extremely troublesome with everyone being working active actors, playing different screen characters, yet we’ve figured out how to pack essentially everyone that the our audience loves into the final episodes of the season.

What’s more, given the theory a chance to start, speculations have begun. Which actors may show anytime between now and the season finale will be totally surprising. Can it be the king of hell, Crowley! Mark Sheppard, who said he’s never return to Supernatural. Can he make a come back? Or would it be Jim Beaver? Or on the other hand possibly they’ll go significantly more old school and get Felicia Day or John Winchester aka Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

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