Supernatural Star Jared Padalecki Takes A Shot At Justin Bieber

Welcome to Humor Nation. Justin Bieber made the headlines some days ago when he challenged the Hollywood actor Tom Cruise to a fight inside the Octagon. Justin Bieber tweeted a challenge asking Tom Cruise to a MMA fight. While it’s still unclear if Justin really wants to fight the legendary Hollywood actor or was trolling around. Tom Cruise didn’t respond to the tweet, but there’s another popular actor who has now issued a challenge to the popstar Justin Bieber. It’s none other than the San Antonio’s actor, the lead star of the hit CW Supernatural, Jared Padalecki!

Jared Padalecki Recaps All Seasons Of Supernatural On Twitter!

Justin’s tweet was a head-scratched, leadng many to believe that it’s merely a publicity stunt to promote new music, or maybe a charity event. Scooter Braun, Bieber’s manager responded to Justin’s tweet by calling it a ‘normal sunday’. But the tweet did catch a lot of eyeballs. UFC Megstar Conor McGregor offered to host the fight between Tom Cruise and Justin Bieber.

Supernatural Star Jared Padalecki Takes A Shot At Justin Bieber

Jared Padalecki, the Supernatural star also chimed in and responded to the Biber’s message. 

Also this isn’t the first Twitter interaction between Biebe-Padalecki. Their history dates back to 2014 when Jared took a ton of heat from Justin Bieber fans for implying that Justin allowd his friend ‘Lil Za’ to take the blame for the possession of the drugs. After this statement, the Beliebers started threatening Jared and tried boycotting his show Supernatural.

Jared Padalecki Even Took Shots At Justin Bieber Back In 2014

Supernatural Star Jared Padalecki Takes A Shot At Justin Bieber

Jared Padalecki sent Justin Bieber a birthday wish earlier this year through Twitter.

So will Justin Bieber respond to Jared’s callout? What do you guys think? Do you wanna see these two get into an octagon and settle their feud?

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