Supernatural Star Mark Sheppard To Guest Star In Lucifer Season 5?

Welcome to Humor Nation. Lucifer season 5 is all ready to enter the production. Netflix has also made the show fans happy by announcing that the fifth season will consist of 16 episodes, thus adding six bonus episodes to the originally announced 10 episodes. While the showrunner Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson are busy trying to fulfill the wishes of the fans by giving them the best season, trying to resolve the storylines, coming up with an interesting plot. Showrunner Joe Henderson has been recently involved in a Twitter exchange with the British actor Mark Sheppard which hints that we might get to see Mark as a guest star on Lucifer.

Supernatural Star Mark Sheppard To Guest Star In Lucifer Season 5?

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Take A Look At The Following Exchange Which Suggests That The Supernatural Star Mark Sheppard Might Guest Star In Netflix’s Lucifer

Joe Henderson tweeted, informing the fans about his absence at the Comic-Con this year due to being busy meeting the deadlines. Mark Sheppard, the Supernatural actor saw the tweet and pipped in cheekily. The actor asked the writer whether he was busy ‘Writing me (Mark) an episode’.

Despite never having guest-starred on Lucifer, The actor has become a fan favorite and there have been speculations since the last season that he will make an appearance. Joe Henderson has also confirmed this fan request. On the ‘Word Ballon’ podcast, Joe shared that the number #1 fan request is to get Mark Sheppard on Lucifer. The two even have fun trolling each other on the Twitter platform. What makes Mark’s appearance on Lucifer more probable is the fact the actor has also appeared on Joe Henderson’s former TV show ‘White Collar’.

Now since season 5 will be the last of Lucifer on the TV screen, it’s the perfect time to bring Mark Sheppard on-board. It would be fun to two fellow Brit actors together, can you imagine the scenes between Mark and Tom? Both Mark’s Crowley and Tom’s Lucifer have the right to be called ‘The King of Hell’ so it would be an ultimate showdown!

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