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Supernatural TV Series Cast Then And Now 2017

Hey guys! Welcome to Humor Nation. Supernatural first aired in 2005 and it’s been 12 years, but the show still remains very popular. Supernatural Take a look at how the Supernatural TV Series Cast has transformed over the years.

So Let’s Take A Look At How The Supernatural TV Series Cast Changed Over The Years!

1. Liane Balaban played the role of Amelia Richardson, she developed a relationship with Sam Winchester in Season 8. 

2. Katie Cassidy played the role of Ruby, a demon from hell who helped the Winchesters for a while, but her loyalty lied to Lucifer.  

3. Jeffrey Dean Morgan who currently plays the role of Negan on ‘The Walking Dead’. He played the role of John Winchester in Supernatural, John was the father of Sam and Dean Winchester.

4. Samantha Smith plays the role of Mary Winchester, mother of Sam and Dean. She is currently trapped in the alternate universe along with Lucifer. 

5. Erica Carroll played the role of Hannah, a fallen angel who allied herself with Castiel.

6. Felicia Day played the role of Charlie in Supernatural. 

7. Genevieve Cortese also played the role of Ruby in Season 4. She made a cameo appearance in the episode ‘The French Mistake’ as herself. 

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8. Ruth Connell plays the role of the witch Rowena, she is the mother of Crowley.

9. Adrianne Lee Palicki played the role of Jessica, Sam’s girlfriend. She was killed in the first episode of the show.

10. Curtis Armstrong played the role of Metatron, the scribe of the God.

11. Cindy Sampson played the role of Lisa Braeden, the love interest of Dean Winchester.  

12. Mark Sheppard who played the role of ‘King of Hell’ Crowley.

13. Amanda Tapping played the role of the higher ranking angel Naomi. 


14. Jared Padalecki who plays the role of Hunter Sam Winchester. 

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15. Osric Chau played the role of Kevin Tran, the prophet of the lord. He is expected to make his return on the show in the ongoing season 13.

16. Mark Pellegrino who plays the role of the fallen archangel, the devil – Lucifer.

17. Emily Swallow played the role of Amara – The Darkness. 

18. Samantha Ferris played the role of Ellen Harvelle, the mother of Jo Harvelle. She died along with her daughter in season 5. 

19. Jim Beaver who played the role of hunter Bobby Singer. Bobby was a father figure to Sam and Dean Winchester.

20. Alona Tal played the role of Hunter Jo Harvelle. Her character was killed in Season 5. 

21. Mitch Pileggi played the role of hunter Samuel Campbell, the grandfather of Sam and Dean Winchester.

22. Ty Olsson played the role of the vampire Benny Lafitte.

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23. Misha Collins who plays the role of nerdy little angel Castiel.

24. Jensen Ackles who plays the role of badass hunter Dean Winchester.

25. Julie McNiven played the role of the angel Anna. 

26. Lauren Cohan played the role of hunter Bela. She also plays the role of Maggie Greene on ‘The Walking Dead’.

27. Alaina Huffman played the role of Knight of Hell, Abaddon.

Supernatural TV Series Cast Then And Now 2017

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