Teen Wolf: How Well Do You Remember Allison Argent?

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Teen Wolf is a very popular teen supernatural show and Allison Argent is one of the main characters in this show. She belonged to a family of werewolf hunters and she first appeared in the episode “Wolf Moon” in season one and was last seen in the episode “Insatiable” in season 3. Her journey in the show was very fulfilling and fans loved her characters a lot and really missed her after she left.

Teen Wolf: How Well Do You Remember Allison Argent?

Allison Argent was the daughter of Victoria and Chris Argent who belonged to a family of hunters and Allison had a hard time with her family. Victoria was a fierce woman with rage instincts while her father Chris was more protective of her.

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Allison was earlier a shy new girl in the town who had a hard time with her confidence and sometimes felt weak and helpless. But later on, when she discovered the truths she became more confident and powerful and became an accomplished gymnast and archer. When she arrived in Beacon Hills, she befriended Lydia, Scott, Jackson, and Stiles and stayed with them till the very end and protected them. She was closest to her aunt Kate in her family and she was the one who revealed her about her family’s secret.

Teen Wolf: How Well Do You Remember Allison Argent?

When she learned about her hunter nature, she was stuck between her friends and her family but she used her power for everyone’s good and protected. When her mother died she left her hunting days but when her friends needed her, she decided to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves. She was a loved person and died protecting the ones she loved and had no pain and regret until she died. She was even remembered after her death and her friends never forgot to honor whatever she did for them.

So with that let’s move forward and take this quiz down below to see how well we know Allison Argent.

Teen Wolf Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Allison Argent?

If you're a true fan of Allison and the show then you must take this quiz to see how well you remember her.

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