The Weird Undertaker Theory From Black Butler That Makes Total Sense!

Welcome to Humor Nation. Undertaker from Black Butler is such an interesting character. There’s a mystery surrounding the character of Undertaker. There are plenty of theories about this character.

There’s an interesting theory put forward by Shionverana! Before we start, let’s take a look at the information that we know already about this character of Undertaker: 

  • We know that Undertaker is a grim reaper, but retired from the job. He committed suicide in the past as a result of which he became a shinigami.
  • The chain of Undertaker is an important clue. Many names stand on this chain, but most interestingly it includes the name of Cloudia Phantomhive.

  • For Undertaker, his ‘treasure’ is the hair chain. He trusted the fake Ciel (which is our Ciel) to take care of his treasure.
  • Vincent Phantomhive and Undertaker had a close friendship/relationship. When Vincent died, his death was very painful for Undertaker.

  • The reason he brings real Ciel Phantomhive back to life is that he didn’t want to lose any more Phantomhives.

The Weird Undertaker Theory From Black Butler!

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Now let us take a look at the interesting theory!

Undertaker was a member of the Phantomhive family once. Maybe he was married into the Phantomhive family. The reason behind this statement is that Undertaker’s connection and feelings for the Phantomhives are really strong. It’s definitely more than a friendship. He has stated this many times that he doesn’t want to lose any more Phantomhives. It’s not only Vincent but Cloudia too. Or maybe there are some others too.

The Weird Undertaker Theory From Black Butler!

It was because of the sorrow of losing the loved ones that he committed suicide. But that resulted in him becoming a Grim Reaper and he decided to use his powers to save the real Ciel from death.

Also, the connection between Ciel and Undertaker is rather a strange one. They have battled each other several times. But in reality, Undertaker never wanted to hurt our Ciel. It’s the fact that Undertaker hates Sebastian because he’s the one who will take Ciel’s soul. He truly cares about Ciel and wants to protect him at all costs. He wants to separate him from the demon Sebastian.

Of course, there’s more behind everything, but we still don’t have all the clues. To simply sum up, our Undertaker is not as bad as he seems to be. He only wants to escape from pain and sorry and trying to desperately bring back life.

The Weird Undertaker Theory From Black Butler!

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