These 5 Strange Things Just Can’t Be Explained! Unsolved Mysteries

There are so many things in this universe that just can’t be explained, can’t be understood. These things are so strange, bizarre, often seems to be unreal at times. Today we will look at such unexplained things and events that not even science or our logical thinking can explain.

So let’s take a look at 5 Strange Incident And Things That Just Can’t Be Explained! Here Are The 5 Unsolved Mysteries!

1. Max Headroom WTTW Incident

On a late evening of November 22, 1986 PBS member station WTTW was broadcasting the latest Doctor Who episode. The episode was suddenly interrupted by television static out of which a strange figure emerged. The man who arrived on-screen was an anonymous person wearing a ghastly Max Headroom mask. He was talking in unconnected sentences in a distorted voice mentioning various people and quoting advertisement slogans. The man’s freakish performance was completed with fits of laughter babbling and moaning.

After the approximately minute long spectacle the focus shifted to the man’s bare buttocks being whipped by a person in a french maid costume. Neither the faces nor the identities of the people in the video have been revealed to this day. What the confused and disgusted public had witness was a broadcast signal intrusion someone hacked the television signal in order to broadcast the creepy unintelligible messages. Who was behind the hijacking or what the desired effect of it was in the first place remains a mystery to this day.

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2. Animals Raining From The Sky

What if living things fell from the sky that might sound like something out of a children’s cartoon, but believe it or not this is something that has actually happened and has happened more often than you think. Raining animals is a rare meteorological phenomenon in which flightless animals rain from the sky for centuries this has baffled scientists and it’s hard to properly investigate the occurrence as it’s never been recorded or observed by a real scientist.

This phenomena has only taken place in random locations and at random times it’s completely unexpected and it only lasts for a brief moment some examples of raining animals include fish that fell from the sky in Nepal, India, Louisiana, Philippines and Honduras all of them occurred at different times within the last 100-150 years or so. Although as recent as in 2013 it rained spiders in Brazil, in June 2009 it reportedly rained frogs and toads in Japan several times during the month.


3. Mystery Of Coke Vending Machine

In Seattle at the intersection of 10th & John rest a nostalgic coke vending machine from the 1970s a testament of pop culture. This old scruffy looking machine has buttons labeled mystery and seems like an amusing artifact of the past and yet it’s so much more than that the vending machine contradicting its appearance. It still works and dispenses a variety of current coke products as well as some that have been off the market for years.

strange unsolved mystery world

For the past years the graffiti mark machine has been functioning properly popping out drinks for those who feed it 75 cents still no one has seen it being refilled in more than a decade. The ghost machine seems to be popping out drinks out of nowhere no one has yet offered an explanation on how the machine doesn’t run out of drinks and if there’s someone who refills it how have they managed to remain unseen for such a long string of time.

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4. Annabelle

Many have seen the horror hit Annabelle but few know that not only was it based on a true story, but the Annabelle doll actually exists. This is the infamous Raggedy Ann doll that was purchased at a hobby shop by a thoughtful mother for her daughter Donna in 1970. It currently resides at the Warren occult Museum in a glass box labeled warning do not touch. Later that year Donna and her college roommate noticed that the doll would change positions during the day either changing the positions of its limbs or moving to another part of the room altogether. This was only the beginning of the mysterious activities of the doll.

The doll proceeded to write messages to the girls on pieces of paper they didn’t have in their apartment. Donna and her roommate were extremely frightened by the dolls acts and called a medium to investigate. The medium claims to have made contact with the spirit inhabiting the doll, a seven-year-old girl named Annabelle who had died on the property. While the spirit claimed to be comfortable living with the girls it had hate for others.

Other students in the dorm have claimed they have been attacked by the evil doll. The doll was finally taken by the Warrens, a couple with expertise in the field of the paranormal, but even though they attempted to contain it the doll is allegedly still up to no good. Many claim that it’s no accident that visitors to the museum who come in contact with the doll end up dying in accidents afterwards.

5. Mystery of The Hum

Since the 1950s people in different areas of the world have started complaining of hearing what is now known as the hum. The hum is a steady droning sound somewhat like the sound of an engine which buzzes in the background endlessly being loudest during the night. Bristol England was one of the first places where the hum was reported by 800 desperate people looking for a way to stop the ceaseless noise that has started being an unwelcome presence in their lives since then cases of people being haunted by then hum have been reported in many countries on different continents.

Researchers investigating the phenomena support the reality of his existence stating that it’s highly unlikely to be a product of mass hysteria. Research has been done extensively and many theories have been entertained- industrial equipment, high pressure gas lines, electrical power lines, low frequency electromagnetic radiation, tinnitus and even seismic activity, but none of them were proven right for over years. The phenomenon has continued to remain a mystery.

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