These Quotes From MS Dhoni Prove Why He Is The King Of Cricket!

MS Dhoni
MS Dhoni is undoubtedly India's most successful captain as he has done wonders for Indian cricket.

MS Dhoni is undoubtedly India’s most successful captain as he has done wonders for Indian cricket. MS Dhoni had raised the standard of Indian cricket to a new level where it has reached number one spot in world cricket. Dhoni is known for his cool nature but he is a very tough personality mentally. He has the courage to take amazing decisions in immense pressure situations and he knows the opposition by that. He has won all the big ICC tournaments in his career and that clearly shows his greatness.


MS Dhoni had got a great cricketing brain and he reads the situation very well, whether it’s adopting the conditions of the game quickly or trapping the opposition in his strategies, he is a pure genius. There are lots of cricketing legends who praise Dhoni for all his achievements and his contribution towards the upliftment of Indian cricket. Dhoni has got a great presence of mind both on and off the field.

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Let’s Have A Look At Some Amazing Quotes From MS Dhoni!

It was just a week left for the 2015 world cup when Dhoni was asked about his newborn daughter and what’s going on in his mind? Dhoni said-

Indian team was struggling badly in the series and there was a chance that India could lose the series. Reporter asked him if India is beaten already, Here’s what Dhoni replied-

Keeping a good balance between personal and professional life is very important and MSD knows his priorities well. There should be honesty in every relationship.

In a match, Indian tail-enders collapsed all of a sudden and at the time of the press conference, Dhoni was asked about the reason behind the failure of the tail-enders and His reply made everyone laugh.

MS Dhoni was asked that which whitewash hurt him more? Against England in 2011 or against Australia in Australia? Here’s what Dhoni Replied-

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