Things We All Choose To Ignore In Supernatural

Welcome to Humor Nation. We often chose to ignore some minorities to enjoy the big picture, don’t we? Well, it seems like Supernatural fans do the same. Talking about the things the show is famous for is quite mainstream, let’s do something different.

Let’s talk about the 3 things we all choose to ignore in our favorite TV show, Supernatural-

1. The Perfect Series Finale Has Already Happened

3 Things We All Chose To Ignore In Supernatural

Every series needs a perfect ending and looks like Supernatural has already had its. The show had a very clear and ambitious five-story plan that, against all odds, the show managed to tell it to completion. The season 5 finale, ‘Swan Song’, would’ve been the perfect ending. However, the show did splendidly after the assumed expiry date.

There is a pocketful of reasons to cling to Supernatural but the show will forever keep chasing the glory of its first five years because they were, by far, the best.

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2. Dean is an Awful Person

Well, believe it or not, he is. Dean has shown a real interest and enjoyment in violence and killing. He went after not only the monsters who deserved it, but also the ones who didn’t. Not to forget, he’s a terrible womanizer and awfully immature.

Dean Winchester is much more of an anti-hero than he is a true hero. We have to admit, Dean’s questionable morality does make him an interesting character.


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3. Supernatural is Out of Villains

The show progresses with time but still fall back on the same old conflicts. The old and classic angels and demons. The best villain in the show by far is, wait for it, Lucifer. Well, that’s a no-brainer. Lucifer is a terrific source of personality and menace on the show but its high time, the show moved on.

The show is still beating the same drum about angels and demons. Even if there are new villains introduced they tend to fall into the same archetypes. Alas, the only way for it to be not predictable is to accept the fact.

So, these were the 3 things that most of the fans choose to ignore about Supernatural just like the fact that Adam was completely abandoned in season 5 finale.
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  1. Never seen a banshee on the show, or I’m not complaining at all but you kinda stuck with the biblical angels and demons, end of the world God and the devil bit for a long time now… it’s time to change things up and make it fresh again, and get back to when it was like in season 1. That’s my view on things… then you can go all ape on the devil again…


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