10 Things That You Probably Missed In Black Butler Anime

Welcome to Humor Nation. Today we are back with another Black Butler article, let’s just get on with this article about the things you missed in Black Butler. And if it’s not obvious enough, there’s definitely going to be some spoilers in this article.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Things That You Probably Missed In Black Butler Anime

10. If you’re reading this article then I’m going to assume you already know the back story of Ciel Phantomhive. Even so I like a quick recap. A few years before the start of the series on his 10th birthday, the home of Ciel Phantomhive was attacked and set ablaze by an unknown perpetrator leaving his parents dead in the process. Ciel was then kidnapped and sold off to a seemingly random buyer who held him locked in a cage. He was later than branded with the mark of the noble beast before finally being made a sacrificial piece and some sort of cult ritual.

10 Things That You Probably Missed In Black Butler Anime

For the most part the story stays true throughout the anime with only some minor details being moved around. However something that doesn’t add up is the placement of the mark branded on Ciel’s body in the first season of the anime the mark can be seen printed just below his chest, but in later seasons of his instead shown on his lower back. Weird as it is it turns out this is a simple error made by the animation team. As the first time we actually see the mark within the manga isn’t until the circus arc which is season 3 of the anime.

9. At the beginning of Black Butler 2, we are introduced to a new demon going by the name of Claude. He is in many ways like Sebastian, but for whatever reason they both seem to show a lot of dislike for the other. As we would soon learn Claude’s true form is actually that of a spider while Sebastian’s true form is that of a raven. Though you may have never realized that their demon appearances were a foreshadowing to Claude’s death later on within the series. Seeing as how crows eat spiders. The outcome of their battle was pretty much inevitable.

8. During the first season of the anime we are introduced to a detective known as Fred Abberline, he and Ciel joined forces for a while before his untimely death in which he sacrifices himself to save the young Earl in episode 20. Earlier within the same episode we learned that Fred lost his family while he was still very young and as a result he was left to fend for himself without any parents or siblings. Eventually leading him to become a cop in the hopes of being able to create a better world for both his wife and soon to be child. Fast forward to season and we meet Edward Abberline who is not only Fred’s supposed brother, but his twin brother.

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7. Did you know that the character Peter might actually be based off of Peter Pan. After all he’s a pretty arrogant individual who likes to dress in a lot of green clothing. He also has a partner named Wendy who along with him is an adult trapped within the body of a child. This however has not been officially confirmed by the series creator, but the resemblances are definitely there.

6. Speaking of resemblances have you ever stopped and compared just how similar Sebastian’s design is to that have Ciel’s father. Whether or not you did at first, there’s no denying that these two characters do look alike. Jump to chapter 61 of the manga, during a flashback showing the moment Sebastian first meets Ciel after saving him Sebastian has a moment of inner dialogue where he basically tells himself that in order to serve his new master, he would need to take on the form that is both suitable and appealing to him. Basically what we currently know him as now.

This has led to a number of Internet theories by fans believing that perhaps that Sebastian intentionally took on the form of Ciel’s father and of his questioning whether or not he somehow is his father transformed into a demon


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