All Time Best Moments Of India-Pakistan Cricket Rivalry!

India-Pakistan Cricket
India and Pakistan are two giants in the world of cricket. The India-Pakistan rivalry is always full of action, drama, fights and entertainment.

India and Pakistan are two giants in the world of cricket. The India-Pakistan cricket rivalry is always full of action, drama, fights and entertainment. Every Indian celebrates the victory of Indian team as festival and every defeat as a funeral. As we all know Cricket is like religion for both the countries, Indo-Pak match is considered as a War. The Cricketing history of both the countries is full of blasts.

Let’s have a look at some of the electrifying moments of the battleship of India-Pakistan cricket.

1. Joginder Sharma Last Over In 2007 T20 WC Final

MSD is famous for his out of the box thinking about Cricket. He shocked everybody when He gave the ball to Joginder Sharma in that last over. And the whole country started hating him when Misbah hit that straight six off the full toss ball. But That catch by Shreeshant changed everything. This incident happened nearly 10 years back, but it made a permanent impact on every cricket fan.

2. Venkatesh Prasad And Aamir Sohail Clash

This incident happened in 1996 world cup when Aamir Sohail charged down the track and played a flat batted shot through the covers. Aamir Sohail told Venkatesh that he will hit every ball like that. On the very next ball Venkatesh prasad Clean Bowled him and won the battle.

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3. Ishant Sharma fight With Kamran Akmal

India-Pakistan cricket match brings Exceptional tension between not only cricket fans but also the players. During a T20 match, Kamran Akmal missed the ball and there was some exchange of words between Ishant and Kamran. This turned into dispute and they started abusing each other. Later umpires and players intervened and the issue was resolved.

4. Javed Miandad And Kiran More funny incident

During a match, Javed Miandad and former Indian wicket-keeper Kiran More engaged into a verbal spat and Javed Miandad stopped the bowler and turned towards Kiran More and started talking. When umpire intervened Miandad complained that More was abusing him from behind, which More denied. This turned into a Funny incident when Miandad started acting of More’s wicket keeping.

5. 2003 WC Sehwag Akhtar Incident.

This is a hilarious incident which Sehwag once told in a show named “Chak De Yaara” where both Indian and Pakistan cricketers were present and SRK was hosting that show. This is an incident of 2003 WC match where Pakistan set the target of 274.

Akhtar started bowling bouncers and asked Sehwag to play Hook shot after every ball. Sehwag said, “Wo tera baap khada hai doosre end pe, wo maarega”. Then Akhtar bowled a bouncer to Sachin and he hit that for a huge Six. Sehwag then said” Beta beta hota hai, Baap Baap hota hai”

These were some of the best India-Pakistan cricket incidents that made a permanent space in every Cricket fan’s heart.

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