12 Times Kerala Set Perfect Examples For India To Follow

Hello folks! Welcome back to Humor Nation. We are back with something that will enhance your G.K. and also will enlighten you about things that happened to occur in Kerala first. In India, Kerala is remarked as the highest literate state, however there are certain more things which Kerala initiated first. Let us look upon those things in which this state is far more ahead from rest of the 28 states of India. Other than mountains, rivers etc. Kerala have so many things to offer. Let’s dig them out.

So Let’s Take A Look At 12 Times Kerala Set Perfect Examples For India To Follow!!

1. Kerala is the first state to have a transgender policy in India. ‘The State policy for transgenders’ was the document unveiled by the state chief secretary of Kerala during first international conference on Gender Equality. To make it effective, Department of Social Justice has been set to conduct the mid-term evaluation to look into the policy implementation and its result in 2018.

2. The first transgender school in the country was opened in Kochi. Sahaj International in Kochi is now known as skill development center to transsexual school dropouts. Training will be given under National Open School System. It is first of its type in nation and is set up to guide students through examinations equivalent to 10th and 12th.

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3. Kerala has a very high Human Development Index (HDI) as declared by U.N. in the year 2013. HDI is a measure of education, average life expectancy, and indicators of per capita income. When Kerala achieved such a high HDI, the United Nations congratulations Kerala for being the first and only state in the nation. There was a 17% loss in regard with inequality of education in Kerala.

4. Kerala being the only state in the country to bring down the Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) to 6 per 1000 live births. It is recognized by U.N. for meeting its standards. This is a great achievement by Kerala. Kerala also plans to bring down the maternal rate to 30.

5. There is a tribal village in Malappuram district which is located 400 km from Thiruvananthapuram was reported well versed with using smart phones. 99% of the population learned that within a month. Every family has a member who is well-known with all procedures to do cashless transactions. Isn’t it great?


6. The first digital state of India is none other than Kerala. President Pranab Mukherjee launched Kerala’s first digital empowerment campaign and declared it a digital sate. Kerala has 100% mobile connectivity and 75% Internet literacy which is the highest figure in nation.

7. Temples, villages, and NGO’s of the village Kunnamthanam works to make Yoga as the integral part of the lifestyle of the people of this village. This village is also going to organize ‘mega yoga show’ to encourage more people towards yoga.

8. This village had launched a policy called “Atulyam” which was targeted to achieve total plus-Two education which it did. Kerala is declared as the first state to achieve 100% primary education.

9. In Kerala, for every 100 men there are 109 women. It is an amazing figure. There are very few states to achieve a sex ratio like this, where women outnumbered man. This is commendable.

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10. Kerala is the first state in the country to declare Internet as a basic human right. There’s even a proposition by the government in the state budget to provide Internet facility at free of charge or at subsidized rates to the common people. This state is reforming itself and taking great strides towards digital economy.

11. Nilambur village is the only village in the country which is located in state of Kerala, which will greet you with a sign board which says: You are entering A Dowry Free Area! This village has completely prohibited the dowry system. With a ‘Dump Dowry’ association and informants deployed to tip-off such cases, the practice was completely removed from the village.

12. Kerala has done so many reformatory work which is inspirational. Every other state should  learn from the state and adopt its wonderful to make each state. If every state take the oath to reform the state than the whole country would become a wonderful place.

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