Do You Know How Many Times Shiva Opened His Third Eye?

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. Lord Shiva is considered as the most powerful God and is known as Tryambaka also for his third eye placed on his forehead. Lord Shiva opens his third eye only in extreme cases and whenever opened caused destruction.

So today we’ll learn that how many times Lord Shiva opened his third eye

1. Burned Kamadeva to ashes

Do You Know How Many Times Shiva Opened His Third Eye?

When Lord Shiva was very furious on the death of his wife Sati, it’s believed that at that time he opened his third eye. He went into deep meditation after her death, even when Sati was reborn as Parvati, he did not come out of his meditataion. Then Kamadeva in order to break his meditation and wake him up, he’d struck sugar coated arrow of love towards him. It did wake him up but he was so enraged at him that he opened his third eye and burned him into ashes, this left a lot of destruction in nature.

2. When Parvati closed his eyes

Once Devi Parvati closed Lord Shiva’s eye which resulted in the darkness of universe, in order to give light and energy to the universe he had to open his third eye to provide so. The heat which was caused by his third eye resulted in sweating in Devi Parvati’s hand and the drop which fell on the ground transformed into a child and he was named Andhaka after it. Andhaka was adopted by Asura, one of Shiva’s devotee, Shiva blessed Andhaka by saying that he would die only if he desires for a woman he’s not supposed to. Then Andhaka fell for Parvati’s beauty and tried to chase her but eventually got killed by Lord Shiva himself.

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  1. No1 ) Kamdeva was burned into ashes. But you know what happened to him later? Kamdeva,s wife requested Lord Shiva to give her husband has life back and shiva granted her wish. So Kamdeva got his body back. Roop means form in hindi. Kamdeva got his roop back, so the place where it happened was named as Kamroop. It’s now Assam.


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