Here Are Top 10 Helicopter Shots From Ms Dhoni, This Is Amazing!

Ms Dhoni is one of the hardest hitters of the cricket ball and he is known for his unorthodox cricketing shots. He is not a type of batsman having proper copybook shots in his pocket, but the kind of power he generates while playing every shot amazes the whole cricketing world. Mahi’s name is on the list of best finishers in the game and he has the ability to finish the game alone, he has proved himself many times where he alone won the matches for the country along with the tail enders. Ms Dhoni has won many matches for his country when the openers and middle order batsmen failed to deliver.

We all know that Ms Dhoni is physically very strong and he is also very strong mentally because it’s very crucial to be calm and composed while you are playing for the nation. Most of the people are not capable of handling the pressure in tough situations, but then there is this cool ice pack ‘Ms Dhoni’ who never loses his cool and always completes the task for his team.

Mahi has got such an amazing strength that he can hit the ball in the hardest manner possible. He has got amazing bat swing and power that every time he middles the ball, it goes out of the stadium for sure. Nobody can think of hitting a six off the yorker length delivery, but then there is Ms Dhoni who has got helicopter shot. Ms Dhoni himself is an inventor of the helicopter shot and it has made a place in the heart of every Mahi fan.

Let’s Have A Look At Top 10 Helicopter Shots By Ms Dhoni

These are some of the best helicopter shots Mahi has ever played. Please give your views in the comment section below.

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