Top 10 Love Triangles From TVD, The Originals And Legacies

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. There were many love triangles in The Vampire Diaries and the major one was of Damon, Stefan, and Elena’s and before Elena it was Katherine. The was about romance so it was obvious that such triangles would form. So today we’ll discuss which love triangles were the best of all the three shows. Let’s get started!

So here is a list of the top 10 love triangles from The Vampire Diaries and its spin-offs!

1. Elena, Damon, Stefan

Elena started off by dating Stefan in the beginning and then came a path where she found herself attached to both the brothers and had to choose only one and let the other go. She still chose Stefan but then she realized that she fell for Damon and went to him. Their love triangle was the main element of the show.

2. Katherine, Damon, Stefan

Top 10 Love Triangles From TVD, The Originals And Legacies

This whole story started with Katherine being with both the Salvatore brothers and they were madly in love with her. Katherine at first did not choose anyone and dated them together and then she turned them into vampires. Then Katherine realized she loves Stefan but she never let Damon go too. She was happy with both of them.

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3. Caroline, Klaus, Tyler

Top 10 Love Triangles From TVD, The Originals And Legacies

Caroline and Tyler were a great couple and they stood for each other in every situation. They loved each other even though they knew this could be harmful as Tyler was a werewolf and his bite could kill Caroline. With, Klaus’s situations were different Caroline, never really hated him and Klaus wanted to be her last love. He forgave Tyler just for Caroline and it would have been great to see them as a couple too.

4. Hayley, Elijah, Jackson

Hayley and Elijah had great chemistry but they stopped their feelings for the sake of others. First because of Klaus as she was pregnant with his child and then because of Jackson as she had to marry him for her pack. Hayley really liked Jackson and respected him a lot and Jackson was always in love with Hayley. But Hayley’s one true love was always Elijah.

5. Hayley, Klaus, Elijah

Top 10 Love Triangles From TVD, The Originals And Legacies

Klaus and Hayley were never in love but they had a child together so Klaus was protective of her and wanted her and his child in front of him all the time. Elijah loved Hayley but because of his brother, he resisted it to a point. But then Hayley and Elijah expressed their love and Klaus was happy for his brother.

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