Top 10 Prison Escapes That Shouldn’t Have Been Possible!

Going to prison isn’t what most of us plan for, and if we become inmates, the first thing we want is freedom. Some prisons will go to extreme measures to make it happen.

So Let’s Take A Look At Top 10 Unbelievable Prison Escapes That Shouldn’t Have Been Possible!

10. Choi Gap-Bok

Choi Gap-Bok was arrested for suspicion of burglary in South Korea, haven’t been in and out of jail most of his life. He also practiced yoga for years.

In every cell door there is a food slot that’s about six inches tall basically the length of a dollar bill and 17 inches wide.

One night Troy asked a prison guard some skin ointment, amazingly this man was over the slide through the tiny gap in just 30 seconds with the ointment over his body, with the benefit of his training in yoga. Choi was captured six days later and was placed in a prison cell with a much smaller food slot.

9. John Dillinger

John Dillinger is on record as carrying out one of the most successful prison escapes of all time. Having been named as public enemy number one for bank robbery, murder and grand theft auto. He was arrested in 1934, taking no chances the authorities had a mixture of guards policeman and a National Guard troops holding him.

Carving a piece of wooden to the shape of the gun, Dillinger managed to lock up the whole jail house with this fake gun before fleeing with the only master key and stealing the sheriff’s new car. Three days after Dillinger escaped he robbed the bank and South Dakota.

After five months on the run, Dillinger was shot and killed by special agents as it was coming out of the movies with his girlfriend who had previously cooperated with the police.

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8. Maze Prison Escape

Maze Prison Escape known as one of the biggest prison escapes and British history . 38 Provisional Irish Republican Army prisoners who had been imprisoned for terrorism charges on the English mainland escape from H-Block 7 (H7) of the prison. H-block was considered escape proof for its 15-foot fences and each cell in case with concrete ward, barbed wire and electronically operated steel gates.

After holding one of the guards hostage, the prisoners took control of the block. Some of the prisoners took the guards clothes and car keys all many eventually escaped in a truck that was delivering food supplies to the prison.

The men were eventually caught in various locations and some were even found in America and extradited back to the UK.

7. Pascal Payet

Pascal Payet originally sentence by a French Court to 30 years in jail for committing murder during a robbery. He escaped from jail in both 2001 and 2003.

His fun escape attempt was escaping the prison using a helicopter that was hijacked by four masked men from Cannes – Mandelieu Airport.

After landing they released the unarmed pilot to try and fool the police he underwent cosmetic surgery but was recaptured.

6. Death Camp Escape

During the Holocaust Alfred Wetzler was famous for escape in the Auschwitz death camp during Passover. Wetzler and another prisoner called Rudolf Vrba climbed inside a hollowed-out woodpile to hide their scent from the dogs that plays two wooden boards around themselves, spanking the ground with Russian tobacco that was soaked in gasoline. They hid from the Nazis for four nights before fleeing in duck suit over coats and boots were said stolen from the camp then using a Charles Atlas as a reference they crossing the pollen and then made their way to Slovakia.

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5. Texas Seven

On 13 Dec 2000, seven men made an elaborate attempt to escape from a maximum security prison near South Texas. Using a number of World planned methods the seven convicts managed to overpower and restrain prison workers and three uninvolved inmates who were then bound and gagged.

They struck on one of the slowest times in the day when surveillance was at its weakest. Stealing clothes and credit cards the prisoners managed to impersonate prison guards and escaped.

All that escaped prisoners were eventually caught, five of them are counting on death row awaiting lethal injection, one has committed suicide and one has already been executed

4. Frank Abagnale

Made famous in the Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks movie “Catch Me If You Can”. Renowned con man Frank Abagnale was sentenced to 12 years for Various forgeries in 1971.

With the help of a friend on the outside he managed to get his hands on a real prison inspectors business card and was able to con his way out of jail by convincing the guards he was a prison inspector thereby making good his escape.

Frank now works for the good guys as a security consultant in stopping forgeries.

3. The Inglourious Basterds

First Lieutenant Alexander “Sasha” Pechersky were imprisoned by the Nazis during the Second World War at the Sobibor Death Camp.

The two men told the other prisoners to make knives and other sharp edged weapons in the prison workshop and then waited for officers to come inspect the workshop before killing them with their carved weapons.

This helped 300 prisoners escaped the death camp making it one of the most successful prison escapes in the th century.

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2. Parkhurst Prison Escape

prison escape three men named Andrew Roger, Keith Rose and Matthew Williams escaped from UK’s Parkhurst prison by creating their own tools.

These guys created some pretty amazing escape tools like a 25-foot long stool ladder to get them over the prison fence, a gun set with ammo and the key that will unlock every door and gate in the prison that was carved from memory. With all these clever tools they managed to escape with ease, however they were eventually caught after hiding in a shed for four days

1. Escape From Alcatraz


During its 29 years of operation they were escape attempts from Alcatraz prison involving 24 inmates. However the most successful escape attempt was made in 1962 by Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers.

They managed to borrow out of their cells, climbed to the top of the cell block, cut through the chain fence and then make the way to the shore where they constructed a raft. They just vanished and until this day they are listed as missing and presumed dead.

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