10 Weirdest Japanese Ice Cream Flavors!

10 Weirdest Japanese Ice Cream Flavors! HUMOR NATION

Hello people! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Everybody loves ice creams. These are the deserts that fills our stomach as well as our heart. Also, summer days are approaching, who won’t want to lick ice creams. Japan has the most weird collection of flavors of ice cream. Let us look at the list.

So, Let us know 10 weirdest Japanese ice cream flavors:

1. Horsemeat

Yeah!! This is a flavor made from the meat of horses. This may sound delicious to people who eat meat but, vegetarians might keep a distance from it.

2. Tomato and Cherry

All things considered, this offering from Haagen Dazs is weird, but still like a semi legit flavor. It is all made from fruit after all. All those who love fruity flavors would love to get down with this delicious offering of Japan. Semi frozen creamy soup, semi cherry treat, even it sounds delicious. Also, summers would be special with this healthy fruity icy treat.

3. Curry Ice Cream

Some may like it, some may not. It is more of a kind of frozen spicy ice cream. The allegation Japan made by experimenting to hybridized Curry and Ice cream, may have mixed reviews. But, yeah, if you ever visit Japan go for it!

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4. Squid Ink

Squid ink is again a savoury flavour and this means a savoury ice treat. Although, the main highlight of the treat is its color. It is dark black covering over white stuff. May be, some one who loves squid ink may give it a shot.

5. Wasabi

Yeah! you heard it right. Wasabi, Japan loves wasabi. Although, some people only prefers a pinch of wasabi passed on their sushi, that gets onto our nerves, thinking about complete wasabi ice cream. It so sour and citrus.


6. Shark Ice Cream

This ice cream is presented in an oddly fashion. Two brown blocks and a swirl. No explanation about this presentation till now. This is shark ice cream. You call it, fishy cream or creamy fish.

7. Sea Urchin

Did you ever have seen a sea urchin. They are spikey. You may get a big hole in your feet if you step over it. It may make you curious to just see and have a sea urchin flavoured ice cream.

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8. Chicken Wing Ice Cream

It is deep-fried chicken wing ice  cream. Also, it can be called as creamy cold fatty chicken. Now it looks like a meaty ice cream. All chicken lovers may even die to eat it.

9. Garlic Ice Cream

I know it would be hard to believe, but yes, Japan has a Garlic flavored ice cream in the house too. It must be like garlicky and icy cold spread, which leaves your breath with garlic smell. Weird, but true!

10. Snake Flavour

Japan had left no stones unturned to create some excruciating flavours. No one really would love to have such crushed frozen snake. Or maybe, there are some.

10 Weirdest Japanese Ice Cream Flavors!

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