10 Types of Supernatural Episode: An Illustrative Guide!

Welcome to Humor Nation. So if you’re a Supernatural fan then you know it’s not just a show for us, it’s a cult, it’s a lifestyle, it’s our passion. Well today we have an illustrative guide to help explain the ten different types of Supernatural Episode.

Today we will be taking a look at the ten kinds of Supernatural Episode!

1. The Generic

10 Types of Supernatural Episode: An Illustrative Guide!

Now this is the type of episode that the fandom and the Supernatural veterans refer to as “Good Old School Supernatural”. It features a 70’s classic rock soundtrack, classic (yet looking back, generally nonthreatening) monster or ghost, themes of body horror, and comically bad visual effects. Most likely from season one.

Some examples of this type of episode: “Bugs”, “Bloody Mary”, “Wendigo”.

2. The Classic

Not to be mistaken for the Generic, the Classic is the sort of episode that everyone recalls and everyone loves. It’s limitlessly quotable, deliberately toes the line amongst hilarious, entertaining and ridiculous, absurd, and is still often blogged about regardless of whether it came out 8+ years ago. And it definitely includes Gabriel.

Some examples of this type of episode: “Changing Channels”, “Mystery Spot”, “Tall Tales”.

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3. The Life Changer

Once you have seen this episode, you will never ever be the same again. Regardless of whether it marks the introduction of a beloved character, kills them unexpectedly, or raises them from the dead. The Life Changer is the kind of episode that either sends you into a descending spiral of unhealthy and extreme obsession, or simply speeds up the process.

Some examples of this type of episode: “Lucifer Rising”, “Abandon All Hope”, “Lazarus Rising”.

4.  The Crack Fic

The kind of episodes whose exclusive purpose is to make you wonder about whether Supernatural is some sort of expanded fever dream. Neither accelerate the plot nor give considerably assist, provide insight into understanding its characters, yet very engaging and very entertaining in terms of its pure ridiculousness and absurdity.

Some examples of this type of episode: “It’s A Dog Dean Afternoon”, “Man’s Best Friend With Benefits”.

5. The Black Comedy

In spite of the fact that a lot of Supernatural rotates around a mix of humor and horror, the Black Comedy is relatively difficult to miss. From famine induced actual human flesh consumption, to an eventual antichrist, to the killer pagan Santa Clause, the cleverness and dark humor of these episodes is darker than Batman’s most exceedingly terrible nightmares and likely no less than twice as depressing.

Some examples of this type of episode: “A Very Supernatural Christmas”, “Yellow Fever”, “My Bloody Valentine”.

6. The Meta Fiction

A few shows break the fourth wall, however this one comes at it with a heavy hammer. From straightforwardly addressing the fandom of Supernatural and its phrasing, ships, terminology to the show itself, the Meta Fiction type is typically shockingly agreeable and well-done, on the off chance that you can move beyond the sheer mindfck of it.

Some examples of this type of episode: “Don’t Call Me Shurley”, “Fanfiction”, “The French Mistake”.

7.  The Tearjerker

This kind of episode specializes in one thing and one thing only, it surely ain’t making you laugh, but emotionally breaking you and destroying you. This kind may disguise itself as other kinds such as the Meta Fiction and Crack Fic, before quickly and effectively going for the final death blow.

Some examples of this type of episode: “The Man Who Would Be King”, “The Rapture”, “After School Special”.

8. The WELL-WRITTEN Crack Fic

In spite of having a similar brand strange silliness of the Crack Fic, the WELL-WRITTEN Crack Fic serves to additionally character advancement, as well as pull at your heartstrings, influence you to giggle, and likely make you cry.

Some examples of this type of episode: “Hunteri Heroici”, “Monster Movie”, “Sam, Interrupted”.

9. The Tragedy P-orn

Do you appreciate watching your beloved characters suffer extremely and then die a horrible death for no reason? No? Well all things considered, you picked the wrong show, buddy. From the awful agony of Dean being compelled to kick the human Cas out of the bunker for Sam, to the spirit decimating deaths of  Kevin and Charlie, the Tragedy P-orn is a episode that exists for only making you cry..a lot.

Some examples of this type of episode: “Rock And A Hard Place”, “I Am No Angel”, “Dark Dynasty”.

10. The Grand Finale

The Tearjerker, exacerbated ten times with the addition of “Carry on my Wayward Son” and a cliffhanger finishing. Has practical experience in metaphorically tearing your heart out, influencing you to cry out like a pre-adolescent young girl, and psyching you up for the following season, regardless of how much emotionally drained you might be.

Some examples of this type of episode: “The Man Who Knew Too Much”, “Swan Song”, “No Rest For The Wicked”.

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