Types Of Virginity Tests That Are Run On Women In Various Parts Of India


3. Kukri Ki Rasam

To ensure whether a woman is virgin or not, on her first wedding night or Suhaagraat  a white colored thread is placed on bed and when the couple consummate their marriage on the following night, the elders on the other day check for a blood stain on the bed and if no stain is found that means she wasn’t a virgin. In some cases people wait the whole night outside the room of the couple while they’re consummating their marriage, HORRIFIC!

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4. Two Finger Test

This two finger test was actually conducted on rape victims earlier which was held by Supreme court itself in past. In this two finger test, women actually search for hymen with the help of two fingers and this has proven to be completely unscientific. If she doesn’t pass this test then she is forced to declare her intercourse partner’s name and she is then declared as a whore in the society. Can’t even imagine what women has to go through everyday in her life and living in between such creatures is just a living hell.

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