Unknown And Must Know Facts About The Trending Viral Coronavirus!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Humor Nation. You must be hearing a lot about the coronavirus which is also known as COVID-19, that has created a disaster in the country of China and also made people around the world worry about their health and also if the virus affects people in other countries. The death polls in China have reached 2300 currently and the affected patients are more than 75000 already which is definitely an alarming situation for a major country like China.

Here are major and important facts about the Coronavirus you must be aware of:

1. What actually is Coronavirus and what do you need to know about it:

Coronavirus is actually called a family of viruses in which 4 main viruses are affecting humans the most. This virus attacks all the age groups and starts with causing the mild cold. This coronavirus which is termed as COVID-19 is a new virus that is currently widespread in the Wuhan and Hubei region of China and this virus has already killed a lot of people in China which has badly affected the working these cities.

Unknown And Must Know Facts About The Trending Viral Coronavirus!

2. How does the virus infect a normal or a healthy person by contact: 

It is said that this new Coronavirus originated by an animal that is now found in the bodies of human beings in China and this virus can easily spread through sneezing and coughing around people. It even can transfer through the touch of skin which is why multiple steps are being taken to make the work progress in the city without touching (For example – KFC delivery boy).

Unknown And Must Know Facts About The Trending Viral Coronavirus!

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3. What are the main symptoms that can be checked for Coronavirus:

The most common symptoms for this virus are mainly related to respiration – Fever, fatigue, cough or rapid/labored breathing are the common ways you can determine the problem of the virus in your body. As we know that through coughing and sneezing, the virus can be transferred, there’s also a way that is by touching infected surfaces or skins can also cause this virus to transfer to your body which is why you should be very careful with all the symptoms of this virus.

Unknown And Must Know Facts About The Trending Viral Coronavirus!

4. What you should immediately do if you are worried about being infected by this virus:

Coronavirus is considered an acute infection that can easily spread and has common cold symptoms. There may be cases where you are close with people who are being infected or they are from Wuhan or Hubei, you should definitely contact the health care emergency and get yourself checked for the virus. If you suspect yourself with rapid or labored breathing, instantly visit a doctor and try to follow all the do’s and don’ts for the affected person so that you keep others safe.

Unknown And Must Know Facts About The Trending Viral Corona virus!


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