Unknown And Surprising Facts About Tanushree Dutta

7. Not only a great model and actress, but Tanushree is also a great singer. She used to be a stage singer and did a lot of concerts.

8. She said that she left Bollywood 10 years ago because she got physically harassed by Nana Patekar and also filed an FIR against him.

9. After getting such a treatment in Bollywood, she went for a spiritual journey to see a new phase of life. She went bald over this journey and stayed with Buddhist monks in Ladakh.

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10. After Ladakh, she went to the USA to live in the Ashrams over there and during that she faced a lot of financial crisis.

11. Drishyam actress Ishita Dutta is Tanushree’s sister and they share quite a good bond.

Unknown And Surprising Facts About Tanushree Dutta

12. Tanushree’s first Bollywood crush was Akshay Kumar and she also admires Rani Mukherjee and Bipasha Basu a lot in Bollywood.

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