Unknown Facts About Major General G.D. Bakshi

Hey Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. G.D. Bakshi or Mr. Gagandeep Bakshi is a renowned name from the Indian army. His works deserve more fame and respect than he actually could achieve. He left no possible chance to make the nation proud of his deeds without any monetary expectation and shockingly no media coverages.

The Indian Army needs no introduction. Whatever the case be they have always proved themselves and made the nation proud. Their inspirational and disciplined lifestyle has already earned enough respect. After all, it’s never easy to leave your family, risk your life and work for the crores of the residents.

Here we have some lesser known facts about major G.D. Bakshi the readers need to know.

1. Mr. G.D. Bakshi belongs to Madhya Pradesh. He was born in Jabalpur in 1950. He belongs to Jammu Kashmir Rifles.

Unknown Facts About Major General G.D. Bakshi

2. His elder brother martyr in a striking war by Pakistan at 25 years of age. Mr. Bakshi joined the NDA in June 1967.

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3. He has an army family background. His father worked as an army man. He joined in the airforce and switched to army no later.

4. He had his major contributions to the Kargil war. G.D. Bakshi was the commander back then and he was awarded the Sena Medal.

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