Weird Demands Of Bollywood Actors Before Signing A Film!

Welcome to Humor Nation. On screen, Characters are full of energy and seems to be overwhelming. Box office rating is totally based on the performance of the actors. But as the actors are getting success their conditions for doing movies are also eventually increasing and which leads to several conditions applied in the agreement before doing any movie. Their conditions totally depend on their achievements and fame and even sometimes because of their own willingness.

So Let’s Take A Look At Weird Demands Of Bollywood Actors Before Signing A Film!

6. Akshay Kumar

Weird Demands Of Bollywood Actors Before Signing A Film!

The Khiladi man of this industry doesn’t like to work on Sunday. This is his clause in the contract whenever he signs for any film as he thought that Sunday is the day when everyone should get rest and even get enough time for their family. Akki himself broken this rule at the shooting of ‘Once upon a time in Mumbai’ and ‘Brothers’.

5. Hrithik Roshan

He is full of different clauses, his first clause is that he will bring his chef with him at every place as he is very health conscious and even goes to the best gym to maintain his body. And the clause actually is that the total cost of all these things will be paid by the production team. He included one more clause to his agreement after ‘Mohanjodaro’ where he decided to charge more for working extra hours.

4. Kareena Kapoor

He is one of the beautiful actress of Bollywood and charming too. He is always in the top listed heroines and only works as a co-actor with A- listed heroes. She never works with the new Comer as she doesn’t prefer that. This is her weird clause in her agreement.
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