What Happens To Your Poop In An Airplane? Where Does The Waste Go When You Flush The Toilet!

Have you ever been on a plane and nature calls! And you do everything you can to hold your poop. Well most of us do this, but it’s not because we are worried about the smell, it’s because well some of us are scared of where the poop is going to end. If you wonder what happens to your poop in an airplane, well keep reading this informative article.

What Happens To Your Poop In An Airplane? Where Does The Waste Go When You Flush The Toilet!

So What Happens To Your Poop In An Airplane? Where Does The Waste Go When You Flush The Toilet! Let’s Take A Look!!

Every airplane has a certain number of tanks on board to collect and hold the waste after you poop and flush your waste goes into a holding tank or a suction tank until the plane lands and the tanks can be pumped.

The chances of these tanks leaking is extremely low unless there’s a serious malfunction in the system. The tanks on airplane have a certain limit of waste that they can hold commercial airlines have more tanks on board because they have more people on board. If the tanks are not flushed after a flight and they get overfilled, it can create a serious problem.

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In some cases, the poop will spill over outside of the plane dropping down on a house or car. It doesn’t happen very often however there are records where it has happened at least once. Some believe that these were false reports given by those on the ground though one single storage tank is about 20 gallons yet it can hold hundreds of gallons of waste.


In order to be sure that the tanks will hold enough, the number of passengers on the board is limited. Most aircrafts are designed to hold more than enough waste to accommodate every person on board. It’s very important that they are pumped, however the airlines don’t want to risk an overflow in midair.

Right after the plane lands and the passengers disembark, a lavatory service truck will come in and hook up to the receptacle on the bottom of the plane.

This is how the planes’ tanks are pumped clean so that the plane is ready for its next group of passengers. If the tanks are not pumped after each and every flight, the chances of an overflow are much higher. This is why the plane will not take off for its next flight until those tanks are pumped.

When the waste is pumped from the plane, not only does it smell, but it’s extremely gross! What do you expect? It’s human waste! Well if you’ve ever driven by a city’s sewage plant, you’ll notice that the air tends to smell especially on a hot day. Well the same thing happens when the waste is pumped at the airport after the plane lands.

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