What If Black Butler Characters Were High School Students!

Welcome to Humor Nation. We all love Black Butler, its characters are larger than life. We know every small detail about these characters. Now imagine, what if Black Butler characters were high school students! Yes, imagine, Ciel, Sebastian, Alois, Claude, Undertaker being students, who would they hang out with? What would they do?

So Let’s Take A Look At What If Black Butler Characters Were High School Students!

Ciel– Junior student

What If Black Butler Characters Were High School Students!

– He is the smartest and the intelligent kid in the class, he always scores A+ effortlessly

– However, he is very unfriendly and  quiet kid, but once you get to know him, bond with him, he could be really nice.

–  You’d be surprised that in the school chess club, Ciel can defeat the senior students with ease.

– He finds his classmate Alois very annoying and avoids any contact with him.

– Ciel likes to hang out alone, but a girl named Lizzy insists that Ciel sits with her. He can also been seen sitting with a senior student named Sebastian.

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Sebastian– Seinor student

What If Black Butler Characters Were High School Students!

– He is the school’s heart throb sensation (duh), you will go crazy over him! Don’t believe me, just wait till you see Sebastian the week before prom!

– Sebastian can be very friendly, also flirtatious at times (often a fuk boi).

– He was once best friends with the fellow Senior student Claude, but he’s now on bad terms with Claude.

– He has so many talents. He could play Violin so amazingly (the girls go crazy over him)

– However, Sebastian doesn’t really hang out with anyone in particular in the school, he is often busy in his own affairs, and kind of moves from one place to the other…taking care of his stuff. He can be seen sitting with his super dorky friends (Meyrin, Finny, and Baldroy) and sometimes let’s the junior Student join him for lunch and offers him meals.

– He brings the best yummy delicious lunches to school

Undertaker– Senior student (graduated)

– He is the biggest nerd that you will ever come across.

– He is one of those kids where puberty really hit perfectly well (you could compare his first grade and last grade pics)

– He once decided to bring a micro chipped-cockroach to showcase for his science fair project and ended up pranking all the girls in his class (And the girls were far from happy over it)

– All the kids made fun of him, they all called him creepy (But they all regretted it once Undertaker hit the puberty)

– He is a weird kid. Undertaker literally lives in the school library

Alois– Junior student

– Can be seen ALWAYS talking in the class unnecessarily.

– Never does his homework.

– He’s a spoiled kid because his parents are super rich.

– He loves annoying his fellow classmate Ciel for fun.

– He passionately admires s a senior student named Claude, nobody the reason behind his adoration for Claude.

– He is a popular kid in his school, he is someone with whom everyone wants to be friends with….everyone except Ciel.

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Claude– Senior student

– Everyone is secretly scared of him and obeys him. (if you ever get on his nerves, he would surely beat you up)

– Very much similar to Sebastian, he is considered very handsome, but can be very intimidating to approach to.

– Was once best friends with Sebastian, but now there’s a bitter enemity.

– Just like Ciel, he also finds Alois really annoying

– He is very athletic. He got some moves.

– Sadly he was dumped by his girlfriend Hannah, all the girls in the school are surprised why would Hannah do such a thing. They all would gladly take her place.

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