What If Superheroes Were Indians And Had Desi Names!

Hey guys! How are you doing? Welcome to Humor Nation. Since we don’t have any actual superheroes in this absolutely weak universe of our own, we spend our lives obsessing on the lives of famous people with delightful cheekbones and photoshopped bends and cry over celebrities, athletes wearing new branded clothing. It’s what we call fun! Yet, in the event that superheroes existed on Earth, every one of those, the so-called famous celebrities, those puny people could never make the front of magazines until the end of time. We’d always remain obsessed with the superheroes through out our lives.

Ronaldo? Messi? Prince William? Kate Middleton? Jennifer Aniston? Conor McGregor? LeBron James? Tom Brady? Who? There would be no Kardashian to worry about. No one would debate over the gender of Caitlyn Marie Jenner or the chins of Honey Boo Boo’s Mother.

Everyone loves superheroes and as a kid, we even expressed our craving to meet them once. Be that as it may, did you think about this one fantasy, “Imagine a scenario in which Superheroes were from India.

Almost certainly, we have superheroes in India like Ra.One, Krish and so on, yet consider the possibility that celebrated Hollywood superheroes were found here. It’s entertaining to try and envision huge names like Batman, Spiderman or Wolverine strolling among us, would it say it isn’t?

Having Indian partners of superheroes would be fun, but wait, what might their names be? How about we think about some desi-names for them. Humor Nation has only incorporated a rundown of desi names of prominent superheroes thinking about their identity and activities.

So Let’s Take A Look At What Would Have Happened If Superheroes Were Indians! What If They Had Desi Names! This Will Make Your Stomach Hurt Due To Laughter!!

1. The beautiful and powerful Wonder Woman would become.

What If Superheroes Were Indians And Had Desi Names!

2. The savage and animalistic superhero Wolverine would become.

3. The god of thunder, son of Odin, Thor would become.

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4. The last Kryptonian, the man of steel Superman would become.

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