Which Game of Thrones Character Are You? Find Out Now!

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Every character in Game of Thrones has been unique in some way from the beginning of the show. All characters portrayed had something good as well as bad in them. Let’s say Cersei, she has been a negative character in this show but when it came to her family she could do anything to protect them as well as herself and that too without the support of anyone, she handled everything on her own, Don’t get this in a wrong because she’s still a villain.

Which Game of Thrones Character Are You? Find Out Now!

According to many Ned Stark was the most positive character during the beginning of the show and his honor always kept him standing. But even he broke down somewhere during the end of first season and all he wanted was his family’s safety and his death was something that shocked us all because we actually thought he’ll remain on this show for a long time.

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Which Game of Thrones Character Are You? Find Out Now!

In this show many characters developed during the many seasons too, like Jaime, Theon and many more. Jaime used to be a man who could kill anyone or do anything for his love Cersei and he even crippled Bran, but later he character developed so much and he turned out to be a good person afterwards which was really impressive.

Even Theon, his character was earlier okay but then he betrayed Robb and became a negative character and then again he became a good man towards the end, his character also went through a lot but it changed him for good. And Even Sansa’s character developed throughout the show, earlier she was this sensitive girl who wanted Joffrey but then she became a scared little girl who was sent from one place to other repeatedly and because of all the hardships she faced, she became a brave and smart person. Even Dany’s character went from all good and positive to madness and so from here we can say that every character in this show developed a lot, some in a good way some in a bad way. Some character remained the same from the start like Jon Snow, Arya, Clegane, Tyrion etc.

So let’s take this Game of Thrones quiz and know which character are you more related to in real life. So let’s start and find out who is who!

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