Who’s Your Favorite Black Butler Character? Vote For Your Favorite!

When a poll was conducted to find out the most popular Black Butler, fans voted for their favorite. The official character popularity poll of the Black Butler AKA Kuroshitsuji which is known as The Butler, Casting a Vote was conducted in order to the celebrate the hundredth serialized chapter. The poll supplements the Chapter 105 of the Black Butler manga, which features only the top ten characters of Kuroshitsuji, and the top six characters, which are known as the “Devil Six,” are on the manga’s cover.

Black Butler And Who's Your Favorite Black Butler Character? Vote For Your Favorite!

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The other results of the poll are revealed in the chapter 107.5 which is one special shot chapter dedicated to the “Devil Six,” it also features the rest of the top ten characters, as and also the characters who have the number ‘6’ in their rankings. A total number of 12,817 votes were cast in the poll. Square Enix’s G Fantasy Magazine’s June Issue announced the results of the Black Butler popularity poll.

You’d be surprised to know that the number one position is not held by Ciel Phantomhive, but his demon butler Sebastian Michaelis was elected as the most popular Black Butler character with 4,014 votes. The popularity of this character is evident in the various marketing campaigns of the character such as the credit cards, posters, kabe-don, and even the Cocorobo vacuum.

Ciel Phantomhive, the master of Sebastian came at second place with getting 3,158 votes. Take a look at the results! The bizarre Undertake came at third place and Grell Sutcliff at the fourth place. It’s a surprise to many who thought that Ciel Phantomhive is the most popular character.

Who's Your Favorite Black Butler Character? Vote For Your Favorite! Black Butler

Today at Humor Nation, we will be conducting a poll to know who our fans think is the most popular Black Butler character?

Do share your vote with us in the comments. And don’t forget to share this poll with your friends.

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  1. I completely fell for Undertaker in the first season of Black Butler and I’ve adored him and all the reapers ever since


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