Why Did Brahma Marry His Own Daughter Saraswati?

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Brahma is known as the four-faced God and the creator of the universe. He is also known as the God of Gods with Vishnu and Shiv and his ride is a goose who is named as Hanskumara.

Saraswati is known as the goddess of art, music, wisdom, and knowledge and is also the part of Tridevi with goddess Parvati and Lakshmi.

Why Did Brahma Marry His Own Daughter Saraswati?

Today we’ll tell you that why Brahma Ji married his own daughter Saraswati Ji, so let’s get started

It has been mentioned in Majayapuran and Saraswati Puran that the creator of this universe, Brahma Ji married his own daughter Saraswati Ji. It may seem very shocking that how can someone marry his own daughter, but its a true fact of Brahma Ji marrying his own daughter.

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A lot of people believe as it’s mentioned in Saraswati Puran that when Brahma Ji was creating this universe, he gave birth to Saraswati, Sandhya, and Brahmin directly with the help of his sperms, so basically Saraswati had a father but no mother. Saraswati Ji was so beautiful and magnificent that many started adoring her and one of them was Brahma Ji himself.

When Saraswati came to know that her father, Brahma is getting attracted towards her, she sought help from Shiva and started running away from the eyes of Brahma. She rushed in all the directions to get away from Brahma Ji but it was of no use as Brahma had four faces and had eyes on all the directions. At last Saraswati gave up and stopped running away from Brahma and married him. It has been said that they resided in a jungle for a period of about 100 years and during that period Saraswati gave birth to Brahma’s son Swayambu or Manu, the first human on earth.

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In Majayapuran it is mentioned that Brahma had five heads instead of four heads and as he was all alone after the creation of universe, so he created Saraswati, Sandhya, and Brahmin from his mouth and later got attracted towards Saraswati and married her as she couldn’t run from Brahma for a long time or hide from him. It is mentioned in Majayapuran that Saraswati hid in the sky but Brahma found her with the help of his fifth head and so eventually she married him.

This is how they got married to each other according to Saraswati Puran and Majayapuran.



A user on a forum clarified the father-daughter relationship between Brahma and Saraswati

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