Worst Remake Films Of Bollywood That Should Have Never Been Made

6. Bruce Almighty (2003) and God Tussi Great Ho (2010)

The original film was very nice which showed that how a TV reporter used to complain to God about everything so he’s given a chance to be God himself. But when Salman Khan portrayed this role is just nearly spoiled the mood of the film.

7. Stepmom (1998) and We Are Family (2010)

The original film Stepmom was very brilliant and had best reviews and rating but its remake film We Are Family couldn’t even touch the border line of brilliance.

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8. Hitler (1996) and Krodh (2000)

Hitler was one of the highest grossing film of the Malayalam industry and on the other hand Krodh was just opposite to it and was a great disaster on screen. The film was given the lowest ratings and bad reviews.

9. Himmatwala (1983) and (2013)

The original Himmatwala was really nice and entertaining but its remake in which Ajay Devgn played the lead role was a mega flop and it really disappointed the viewers as an actor like Ajay doing such a film is really bad.

10. Gol Maal (1979) and Bol Bachchan (2012)

The original film was really epic and full of classic comedy that people never witnessed. But its remake in the year 2012 couldn’t match up to the original film and was a flop in the eyes of the viewers.

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