12 WWE Wrestlers And Their Ordinary Jobs Before Wrestling

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Sometimes our favorite wrestlers become so familiar to us, we forget they once worked everyday jobs like most of us in the WWE universe. Here are wrestlers who had normal jobs before entering the world of professional wrestling.

Take A Look At 12 WWE Wrestlers And Their Ordinary Jobs Before Wrestling

1. Kofi Kingston

12 WWE Wrestlers And Their Ordinary Jobs Before Wrestling

Kofi Kingston worked at Staples before he entered the WWE as a wrestler who is making fans crazy with his high-flying moves and lightning fast execution. Ghanaian American Kofi worked at office supply store staples, while we don’t know whether he practiced his aerial maneuvers in the break room or made unicorn horns out a surplus paper, but we do know he went from a promising single star to a member of the new day. New Day is arguably the WWE’s hottest tag team in the last years

2. Enzo Amore

Enzo amore worked in Hooters as a manager. While Enzo Amore reportedly has rubbed a lot of wrestlers the wrong way backstage, he worked hard to get over with the WWE universe becoming wildly popular until his character change on 205 live. Nonetheless it’s clear Amore has a drive to succeed at whatever he does, before he became a WWE superstar the future muscles marinara worked as a manager for the restaurant chain ‘Hooters ‘as a disc jockey for the New York Jets and even as a piano mover.

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3. John Cena

John Cena worked as a limousine driver. He orked some interesting jobs before he became the prototype in Ohio Valley Wrestling, the doctor of thugonomics on Smackdown and eventually the face that runs the place in the WWE. Ironically Cena who now collects classic cars once drove a limousine taking clients here there and everywhere. We can only wonder if Cena had any hard feelings about his former job when he got the chance to destroy JBL’s limousine during the build-up to their WrestleMania 21 bout.

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