Badhir News: Initiative Taken By Zee News For The Hearing Impaired

Badhir News is a special initiative taken by Zee News Live to communicate the news to the hearing impaired. It’s a special news segment which is available online on the ZEE News live channel on ZEE5, providing the latest news stories and headlines of the day.

Badhir News: Initiative Taken By Zee News For The Hearing Impaired

One can find the ZEE News channel easily to hear the sign language bulletin daily. This special new slot comes under the label of “Badhir News” which uses the Indian Sign Language to communicate the headlines. This special segment uses the interpreted mode of presentation.

Format of the show

The segment features a sign language interpreter who helps break down the news for people with hearing impairment in real-time. Since many deaf and people with hearing impairment have difficulty in comprehending the written captions to varying degrees, they find it easier to view the content presented in their own language, Using closed captioning makes watching the news more of a chore than a pleasurable activity. Having an interpreter sign ensures that the correct information is being communicated to the hearing impaired and signing deaf community.

The sign language translators also use facial expressions to form the initial sound of the signed word. They use the mouth shapes and facial expressions to convey the grammar, this is known as ‘Mouth Morphemes’ in the sign language. It may look like they are talking, but in fact, they are using their mouth shapes which go along with the words they’re signing.

Badhir Segment Will Help Make News Coverage More Inclusive

This initiative taken by ZEE News has helped in making the news more inclusive, making the coverage of news available to all kinds of people. People who have any kind of hearing impairment can use the facility of sign language to effectively comprehend the news stories. This is extremely beneficial for people who are deaf to the extent that hearing aids don’t help. Through lip-reading and sign language, such people can learn to communicate. In today’s age where most of the private news channels solely focus on programming which is profitable, ZEE News has taken a brave step to launch a program that is more socially inclusive.

Badhir News Is Commendable

Badhir News: Initiative Taken By Zee News For The Hearing Impaired

Today in this day of age where technology has brought the world closer together and has improved the lives of the people with different kinds of impairment. Today there are tools and techniques available to help communicate with people located in various different parts of the world and people who have some sort of disability. NEWS plays an integral role in our daily lives, it’s pretty important that we stay aware of what is happening around us. People with hearing impairment are left devoid of such communication. It’s commendable how a News channel has come up with such a brilliant initiative to help reach the impaired people. DD News has been the only channel offering sign language news for the hearing impaired for a long time, but now a private news channel like ZEE has also launched a special sign language program. This initiative needs all the support it can get. So, go ahead and check out this show on ZEE News or ZEE5 right away.

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