10 British Festivals That Are Weird And Wonderful

Hey Viewers! Welcome to Humor Nation. Though Great Britain seems the most pricy sophisticated nation yet it holds variously hidden truths. There are certain festivals that they celebrate which are absolutely weird and bizarre.

Out of my extreme curiosity to know much about the different nations and their uniqueness; I have got a list of 10 festivals that Britain celebrates which are quite weird yet wonderful.

10. Summer Solstice 

This is a celebration that takes place at the Stonehenge Monument. Each year, the residents gather at the monument. This is kind of a welcome to the summers. The reason behind building the monument is yet a secret.

10 British Festivals That Are Weird And Wonderful

9. The Tar Barrels Of Ottery St. Mary

This is celebrated to drive out the devilish supernatural existence. The residents lit up a tar barrel and carry it to the town. This is a pre-Christmas ritual.

8. Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival

This is a celebration of the harvest. A man wears straw from head to toe and dances in front of the resident’s place. In return, he gets some gifts money and food.

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7. Egg Throwing World Championship

Sounds bizarre? This is a festival celebrated in New Zealand. The residents are allowed to smash eggs on themselves and each other. Also, there are various other games played with eggs.

6. Burning The Clocks

This is against the commercial Christmas. People Burn paper lanterns and release them at the beach sides. They let go the bad memories of the ending year with the lanterns.

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