10 Strange Marriage And Divorce Laws Around The World

Hello, Readers today Humor Nation is presenting some strange marriage and divorce laws around the world. Who knew: there are towns where marriage laws hold that you can’t sleep naked next to your spouse, where mistreating your mother-in-law means grounds for divorce. In the state of Kansas, mistreatment of the mother in law can prove to be bad for the groom. It can be used as a ground for divorce.

So here are 10 strange laws in marriage and divorce around the world.   

1. California, Colorado, Texas, or Montana(Just Got Proxied!)

Reaching in time for the marriage is the foremost duty for the soon-to-be-wed couples. But, if you happen to live in California, Colorado, Texas, or Montana, and are in the armed forces, then you just have to get a good friend of yours (called a ‘proxy’) who can stand in for you. This is called a proxy marriage. While in California, Colorado, and Texas, either the bride or the groom can be represented by a proxy, Montana is the only state which allows the bride and the groom to be each represented by another person (double proxy marriage).

2. Philippines (No Divorce Allowed)

Marriage in the Philippines and The Vatican is taken very seriously. Divorce is not allowed by law. An annulment may be considered, but it is by no means an easy thing to do in this country.

3. England (You Must Have A Reason)

No-fault divorce is not allowed in England. An unhappy marriage is not ground for divorce in the country. If you want a file for divorce, you have to do so on the basis of adultery or unreasonable behavior, for instance.

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4. India (Marry A Tree)

If you were born in India under a certain astrological period, then you may be bad luck if you are a female. So much bad luck, in fact, you may cause an early death for your husband. It’s okay though, to remedy this all you have to do is marry a tree and then cut it down. Problem solved.

5. Mauritanian (Eating More Before The Wedding Day)

In the United States, many women go on diets before their weddings. In Mauritanian, it is the opposite. And In Mauritania, a curvy woman shows prosperity and good luck to the village. Women eat more before the wedding to become much larger. However, they are sometimes force-fed, which is an issue.

6. Delaware (Married On A Dare? Here, You Can Take It Back)

In Delaware, it’s legal to obtain an annulment if you got married on a dare or as a prank. The official law states that a marriage may be annulled if “one or both parties entered the marriage as a jest and dare.”

7. Hong Kong (Dare To Cheat)

In Hong Kong, a wife is legally allowed to kill her husband if she finds him cheating on her. However, she can do this only with her bare hands. Husbands in Hong Kong, if you decide to become adulterous at some point in your life, better not let your wives learn some wicked martial art technique.

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8. Saudi Arabia (Child Bride)

Be thankful you do not live in Saudi Arabia, if you do, I’m sorry. There is no minimum age for marriage there. An eight-year-old girl asked for a divorced from her 58-year-old husband in 2008. The court denied her appeal. Wow, can you imagine being eight and having to deal with divorce or being denied a divorce? Even as an adult it is hard.

9. Japan (Your Girl My Bride)

Japan is known for its culture of deference to elders, and this probably explains a Japanese law that states that an elder brother can formally ask for this younger brother’s girlfriend’s hand in marriage — and they must both agree to it

10. Monaco (Just Married) 

In Monaco, it is mandatory for marriages to be announced in public. However, unlike in Greece — where the announcement must be made in a newspaper — it’s enough to scribble it on a piece of paper and stick it on the door of the Town Hall. The announcement should remain up there for a 10-day period that includes two Sundays.

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