10 Things That You Can Do Only In India

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. We’ve seen many times that people just criticize their own country and prefer other countries over India, but they don’t know that there are many things that one can do only in India and not in any other country. So be proud to be an Indian as we are living in a unique and vibrant country.

Here are those 10 things that you can do only in India and not in any other country, so let’s start!

1. It may seem funny but it’s a true fact that in India you can pee anywhere, anytime and even in public areas. Indian men just need a quiet corner and they just start peeing.

10 Things That You Can Only Do In India

2. India has way too many festivals in a year and during every festival, India looks very bright and glittery full of happiness on every street. I bet that you won’t find such a vibrant culture in any other country.

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3. Indian women especially have an inborn talent to bargain anything they want to buy, its a special kind of talent that only Indians possess. Have you ever seen anything like this in any other country? I guess your answer is NO.

4. In India people throw garbage anywhere they want to and still, no one can do anything about it, not even PM Modi’s Swacch Bharat Abhiyan could help it much. In any other throwing garbage on road is a serious offense, this fact isn’t a very good thing to be proud of and we should improve ourselves and make our country clean.

5. Indian neighbors are way too friendly and we can borrow anything from them like milk, sugar, etc and you may have seen this thing in India frequently. In other countries, people don’t even bother to ask about such things from their neighbor.

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