15 Rare Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Iconic Movies

Everybody has thought once in their lives to take a peek behind the curtain, to witness what happens behind-the-scenes of the iconic movies, to see how these films are shot. To experience the magic with their own eyes, to witness the actors delivering their iconic performances, to see the greatest scenes of cinema being shot right in front of their eyes. While film fans all over the world continue wishing for really going behind the scenes of their favorite films, but today we’ll take you on a virtual tour with us.

For quite a long time, film enchantment has been “deceiving” the audiences in believing that the fantasy world and dream lands as shown in the stories are true. Most of the people who go to see a movie know this already. Here are some of the behind-the-scenes photographs from probably the most iconic movies of the millennium. Regardless of how many times you’ve seen these films, how much you know about them or love them, we bet that you have never ever seen them in this way before. It’s amazing…it’s captivating, and I promise you would love these movies even more after seeing these pictures. I’ve never seen something like this before. So let’s get started, shall we?

So Let’s Take A Look At 15 Rare Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Iconic Movies!

1. Leo the Lion getting ready for his iconic logo video for the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studio.

20 Rare Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Iconic Movies

2. Dumbledore and The Dark Lord Voldemort sorting out their issues. Ah the two most powerful wizards of all time having a nice sweet talk.

3. Gandalf just checking his emails and updating his Facebook status.

4. Heath Ledger on the set of The Dark Knight. His portrayal of Joker will remain untouchable.

5. See there was enough room for the two on that wooden door in Titanic.

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6. So you’re telling me that those dinosaurs weren’t real? WHAT???

7. The King Of Sparta having a chat with his fellow Persians.

8. On the set of ‘The Exorcist’ with Linda Blair.

9. The Great Bruce Lee talking to the producer of Enter The Dragon.

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10. Tom Cruise filming the famous train clinging scene on the set of Mission Impossible.

11. Director Alfred Hitchcock and Janet Leigh discussing about the very famous shower scene from Psycho.

12. The Shining.

13. Stanley Kubrick trying to find his perfect shot on the set of 2001: A Space Odyssey

14. The VFX effects behind Inception.

15. Behind the scenes Of Beauty And The Beast.

So guys, are you surprised after seeing the unseen behind-the-scenes photos from your favorite films? It’s amazing to see the moments captured from iconic movies. If there are any other unseen pictures that we have not included in our article then you can mail it to us and we’ll surely include them in our next article. And guys feel free to share your views and opinions with us by commenting below the article. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends. Like our Facebook page Humor Nation
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