15 Times Stefan Salvatore Proved That He Was The King Of Sass

Welcome to Humor Nation. Stefan Salvatore was the son of Lilian and Giuseppe Salvatore, he is the younger brother of Damon Salvatore. When he was a human, he was very kind, intelligent, noble, responsible, compassionate, and a gentleman. Everyone in Mystic Falls respected and admired him because of his great character qualities. Stefan wanted to become a doctor before he was turned into a vampire by Katherine against his will. It was because of his courteous, polite, chivalrous, well-mannered traits that the Vampire Katherine fell in love with Stefan Salvatore.

15 Times Stefan Salvatore Proved That He Was The King Of Sass

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Stefan shared a close relationship with his father as compared to Damon, he was his father’s favorite. He was only 17 years old when he was turned into a vampire. Even after becoming human again, he regretted his actions and was overwhelmed with guilt. Right till the end, he did his best to make things right and he redeemed himself by passing the cure to Damon and sacrificing himself to make sure that Katherine is locked in hell. The show was supposed to be from his own diaries, but his role somewhat decreased over time. Still, the fans are crazy about this brooding vampire because of his kind heart and handsome looks.

Stefan and Damon Salvatore shared a close relationship, they were best friends until the arrival of the vampire Katherine Pierce. After the supposed death of ‘Katherine’, Damon decided to make Stefan’s life hell and he influenced Stefan in losing control of himself in 1912. The brothers parted ways and didn’t see each other until the pilot episode of TVD. Both the brothers again fell in love with Elena Gilbert, even though Elena brought them together, but she was the reason why their relationship again became complex. But Stefan Salvatore even though he was heartbroken, but admitted he was happy for his older brother. Their relationship has seen many highs and lows, but the two shared a strong bond and were always willing to sacrifice themselves for each other.
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