5 Countries That Will Pay You To Live There!

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. There are many people out there in the world who are willing to explore new places but do not have sufficient funds to fulfill their dreams. So here’s a good news for them as today we’re going to tell them about some countries in the world that will pay them to live in their country and adapt their culture and lifestyle.

So here is a list of those 5 countries that will actually pay you to live in their country!

5. Canada

5 Countries That Will Pay You To Live There!

If you have just graduated then Canada is giving you a life to change offer, they are giving tuition reimbursement amounting up to $20,000 in Canadian dollars which is equal to $15,956 in US Dollars. But in order to qualify this offer, you must be a graduate in 2010 or after this year. Compensation here is presented in non-refundable tax credit and paid in segments for ten years.

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4. Chile

Chile is best for those who are thinking to begin a startup business as Chile is offering to pay $50,000 to those who are willing to begin a startup. But there is a condition that the startup should be a global success and should have enough potential in itself. In the first six months, you have to just live in Chile and they will give you a one-year working visa with a list of business contacts and some other benefits too.

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