5 Interesting Things To Know About The Actors In TVD Universe


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The actors of the TVD are multi-talented. Did you know some of the TVD cast members hold the unique achievement of directing an episode in the TVD Universe.

  • Paul Wesley has directed a total of 5 Vampire Diaries episodes. The episodes are ‘Requiem For A Dream’, ‘Things We Lost In The Fire’, ‘Woke Up With A Monster’, ‘Resident Evil’, ‘Detoured On Some Random Backwood Path To Hell’.
  • Ian Somerhalder who played Damon has directed a total of three episodes. His directed episodes are ‘We Have History Together’, ‘The Downward Spiral’, and ‘Days of Future Past’.
  • Charles Michael Davis who played Marcel Gerard in the TVD Universe has directed two Originals episodes titled ‘High Water And A Devil’s Daughter’ and ‘What, Will, I, Have, Left’.
  • Daniel Gillies who played Elijah Mikaelson in the TVD Universe has directed two Originals episodes. They are ‘Phantomesque’ and ‘There In The Disappearing Light’.
  • Joseph Morgan who played Klaus Mikaelson in the TVD Universe has directed three Originals episodes which are ‘Behind The Black Horizon’, ‘Keepers of the House’, and ‘Ne Me Quitte Pas’.

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5 Interesting Things To Know About The Actors In TVD Universe
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Nina Dobrev holds the unique record of having played the most number of different characters in the TVD Universe. While her main role is of Elena Gilbert, she has also portrayed the characters of Katherine Pierce, Amara, Tatia. All of these other characters are the Elena lookalike doppelgangers. She portrayed the Petrova doppelganger Tatia in the Originals who appeared in the flashbacks as the love interest of Klaus and Elijah who eventually chose Elijah. Whereas in TVD season 1 finale, she appeared as Katherine Pierce, the woman responsible for turning the Salvatore brothers into vampires and set a chain of events in motion that changed the course of TVD history forever. She appeared as Amara too, the first immortal woman whose existence created the other Petrova doppelgangers in order to maintain the balance. And finally, she played Silas too who appeared in the form of Elena Gilbert.


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While the salaries or the amount the actors got paid is unknown, not revealed to the public. But according to a report by Screenrant which has now revealed who is the highest paid actor on the Vampire Diaries. According to an article, all three lead actors of the Vampire Diaries; Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, and Nina Dobrev got paid an immense $40K for per episode of the show by the final season. It’s unknown how much these actors were paid for the initial seasons.

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