5 Ways Body Language Can Help To Read Someone’s Mind!

Body language is a form of non-verbal communication, this type of communication relies on physical behavior, as opposed to the use of words to express thoughts and convey information. By physical behavior, we means the body posture, facial expressions, movement of the eyes, all these to communicate information. You can look into a person’s soul through his eyes, but it is the body which acts as a mirror and reflects the feelings. If we think about it, the basic communication gestures all over the world are same. When people are happy, they express the emotion by smiling, when they are angry, they scowl. It is universally known that nodding one’s head means a ‘yes’ while shaking the head indicates a negation.

These gestures go back to our primitive animal ancestors, how in the animal kingdom, the primates bare their teeth to indicate a threat or a show of potential force. Still the modern man use the gesture in the form of a sneer. The universal gesture of shoulder shrug indicates that a person does not understand or know what the other person is talking about.

Our body is a mirror of our thoughts and feelings, when we are feeling great, the feeling can be clearly seen in how we hold our posture, our facial expressions, how we hold our body. And similarly, we could also deduce what someone else is feeling simply by noticing their body language. We could read people’s thoughts using the information provided by the body language. If you could understand and accurately interpret these non-verbal signals then it would help you in all walks of life, whether it’s dating or business world situations, it will help you in dealing with a person confidently. Body language works both ways, it is useful to interpret a person’s body language, but it also useful that you can get your body to send positive, right signals which will project that you’re a confident person.

If you think that learning and using body language is not of much significance, then take a look at the statistics of a research conducted by UCLA.
• 7% of the communication is based on the words that the person say.
• 38% of the communication is from the tone, inflection and speed
of the person’s voice.
• 55% of the communication is based on the body language.

So let’s take a look at 5 Ways Body Language Can Help To Read Someone’s Mind!

1. Look into their eyes!

Our eyes may easily reveal our thoughts and they are the most accurate of all human communication signals. This is because the pupils work independently, the pupils dilate or contract with the shift in the person’s attitude. When someone is happy or excited, their pupils dilate, when someone is in a negative mood, their pupils contract. If a person is lying to you or being dishonest, then his eyes will meet yours less than one-third of the time. When a person finds you appealing, his eyes will meet yours more than two-third of the time. So in order to show your interest and build a good rapport with some person, your eyes should meet his about 60-70% of the time.

2. The arms can tell if one is scared or nervous.

When someone folds one or both arms across the chest, it suggests a physical barrier, the person is trying to avoid or block the unfavorable situation. It tells that the person is nervous, he feels threatened. By folding his arms firmly he displays a defensive attitude. When you see someone in an arms folded position, it means that the person disagrees with what you’ve said. If a person who’s in a full arm-cross position has has clenched fists, this means the person is displaying a hostile and defensive attitude. An arm gripping gesture in which hands gripping the upper arms shows a restrained attitude. A partial arm-cross position shows the lack of confidence.

3. Copying gestures and posture is a good thing.


The next time you’re in a meeting or a social function, where people interact, observe carefully how many people adopt the same gestures and posture of the person they’re interacting with. This unconscious mirroring is a way by which one person lets the other person know that he agrees with his ideas and thoughts. This mirroring of the body language is a good way to build a bond with someone. It’s a way of saying “I feel the same way and share the same attitudes”. This mimicry of gestures and posture make the other person feel at ease, it serves the purpose of creating a good rapport. Mirroring indicates that a conversation is going really well, the other person is in agreement with your ideas.

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4. Posture does all the talk.


You might have seen this several times, a person walks into the room full of people, and immediately, you become aware of the fact that he’s the one in charge! When a person leans against other people or objects, it means the person is displaying a territorial claim to that person or object. It is also a display of dominance. By touching it means that thing belongs to him, for example you have seen lovers holding hands to show their claim on each other. A slumped posture tells that you’re bored and it displays low self-esteem and confidence. While standing upright reflects your inner confidence and it shows that you’re comfortable.

5. Understand the leg movements.

body language

When one leg is crossed neatly over the other, this shows that the person is nervous, shy, reserved or has a defensive attitude. If a person has his legs crossed and if it’s followed by crossed arms, then this means that the person is not interested in the conversation. People stand with their arms and legs crossed when they are among people whom they don’t know well. Although they might have relaxed expressions, they’ll speak with ease, but deep down they are not relaxed.

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