6 Unknown And Interesting Facts About The Werewolves From TVD Universe


6 Unknown And Interesting Facts About The Werewolves From TVD
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A bite of a werewolf contain an extremely potent venom that could kill a normal vampire. While an Original won’t die, but the bite can make them weak and cause hallucinations. The only cure to a werewolf bite is the blood of a hybrid i.e. Klaus Mikaelson. Since Esther created the Originals to protect her children from the werewolves in the first place therefore the bite is not deadly to them. But Nature cannot allow an invincible creature just like that. Therefore the vampires who were born from the Originals can die due to the bite. As we well know that the fundamental law in TVD Universe is that everything must be balanced. Nature allowed werewolves to have a lethal bite to kill the powerful vampires.


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The Unification Ceremony happened in second season of the Originals is a werewolf ritual which is performed by an elder werewolf on the two Alphas who belong to different packs. It allows them to unite and share each others’ powers. Through this ceremony, their union makes their packs combined and much stronger. As Hayley being a hybrid could control her transformation on the full moon. After undergoing the ceremony, she shared this skill with the rest of the pack. This ceremony also makes the hearts of both the alphas identical. This resulted in Jackson Kenner having the unsired hybrid heart of Hayley. Ultimately, it was Jackson’s heart which was used in the sireline unlinking spell by Davina to break the sireline of Klaus.


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Werewolves are much stronger than the fans believe them to be. Their strength is affected by the phases of the moon. An untriggered werewolf is much powerful than a normal human. In human form, they might not be as strong as compared to the vampires, but they can defend themselves against the vampires. As we saw Mason defeating Stefan Salvatore in arm wrestling or when Tyler overpowered Damon Salvatore as the moon was reaching to its peak. Mason has also punched Damon while being in human form.

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When they transform into the wolves, their powers are amplified. They can easily defeat vampires who are centuries old and kill them. As we saw Jules easily took down as 600-year old vampire Rose, a group of four werewolves took out an Original Vampire Rebekah. Also, wolf form is much effective as Hayley who’s a hybrid transformed into a wolf to destroy the Alistair Vampires.

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Through the unification ceremony, the normal wolves have become the evolved werewolves who can control their transformation and are not bound by the moon. Jackson Kenner who is an evolved werewolf easily took out multiple members of ‘The Strix’.

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