7 Wishes Of Ravana That He Couldn’t Fulfill

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. As you all know that Ravana had the ability to fulfill all his wishes and dreams but there are some of his wishes that he couldn’t fulfill in his lifetime.

So let’s know about the wishes that Ravana couldn’t fulfill in his lifetime

1. Make people Atheist

7 Wishes Of Ravana That He Couldn't Fulfill

Ravana wanted everyone to worship him instead of the Gods, but he couldn’t fulfill his wish of doing so.

2. Become fair

Ravana wanted to become fair so that no woman in the world could dislike him for his skin complexion, but unfortunately, his wish couldn’t get fulfilled.

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3. Make the color of blood white

Ravana killed thousands of people and turned the river water into a red color, this made the gods very angry. Seeing this Ravana wished if the color of human blood was white or colorless so that no one would notice such damage or destruction.

4. Remove bad smell from alcohol

Ravana wanted alcohol to be odorless and have a good smell so that maximum people could consume it and spread the Asura Raaj.

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