Do You Belong In The Originals Or In The Vampire Diaries?

Welcome to Humor Nation. The Universe of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals is full of many mythical beings, ranging from vampires, werewolves to witches and Siphoners. While some of them are friendly, some just need help, and many are highly dangerous. The main characters of TVD are Vampires whiles the main characters of the Originals are the original vampires who were the first of their kind. We have many powerful species such as the hybrids, Klaus Mikaelson is the original hybrid who was turned using the dark magic performed by her mother Esther.

Do You Belong In The Originals Or In The Vampire Diaries?

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Then we have the witches are the supernatural beings who can influence anything with the power of their magic. Some of these witches work to maintain the balance of the force while some work for their own personal gain. Perhaps the most powerful witch in the TVD universe is Dahila. She could have easily ruled the TVD universe if it weren’t for the sacrifice of Esther. Esther, she is considered the first witch who created the vampires. She is the mother of Klaus Mikaelson.

Then we have werwolves who can shapeshift and can transform into wolves. Even in their human form, these species possess extraordinary strength. They are a natural enemy to the vampires due to their venomous bite.

So Take The Quiz And Find Out If You Belong In The Originals Or In The Vampire Diaries?

So which creature from the TVD or The Originals are you? Also, we want to know which show do you prefer the most and why? Leave a comment sharing the result of the quiz.
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